Sew Cuddly Toy: Quick And Easy With This Tutorial

Sew a cuddly toy yourself? Homemade with love always comes from the heart and you also decide in this way, with which materials your baby comes into contact. Get some inspiration here.

As soon as the baby is born, the first cuddly toys arrive in the nursery. Even though the new arrival has no idea what to do with his cuddly companions in the first few weeks, family and friends are overflowing with gifts of cute cuddly toys for the baby.

If you attach importance to clean fabrics and safe processing for your baby’s toys, you can also sew a cuddly toy yourself. Sewing is not a problem even for beginners, because on the net you can find many free patterns with which you can easily implement your project.

Sew A Cuddly Toy – What You Need

To sew a cuddly toy yourself, you need only a few tools:

  • Fabric
  • Filling material
  • Felt or yarn for eyes
  • Sewing machine
  • Sewing needle
  • Thread
  • Pattern

If you don’t own a sewing machine, smaller projects can easily be done with a sewing needle. It will just take a little longer to sew the new cuddly toy.

You will need a piece of fabric in the appropriate size, preferably made of cotton that has been certified organic. After a few months, your baby will put the stuffed friend in its mouth and chew on the fabric. Therefore, you should be sure that the fabric used is really safe.

Then search for a suitable pattern on the Internet. With the terms “pattern free” or “free pattern” you will be offered many instructions and you just have to decide.

Are you just starting to live out your creativity? Then make sure that the pattern is free and the difficulty level is indicated as “sewing for beginners”. First of all, you should decide in which shape you want to sew the cuddly toy. Very classic shapes are the teddy bear, a bunny or small cloth dolls.

Transfer The Pattern

Transfer the outline of the teddy onto thicker paper or cardboard. This gives you your pattern as a template. Place it on the fabric and trace the outline. Cut it out, transfer it to the fabric again and cut it out again. For the second pattern piece, add a few millimeters all around. Since the bear will be stuffed, you will need some space in the fabric.

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You will need this fabric shape in duplicate to have a front and a back piece for the teddy. Then place both pieces of fabric on top of each other with the right side ( these are the two sides that will be seen on the outside at the end).

With the sewing machine, sew both pieces together by working a seam 0.5 cm from the edge. Stop sewing a few centimeters from the beginning of the seam so that a small hole remains open. At this point you can then put the fabric through and turn the sewn.

Now you have the bear shape made of fabric in front of you and you can already guess what is to be created. The bear still exists only as a baggy piece of fabric. The next step is to fill it and give it a cuddly shape. To do this, you need absorbent cotton, which you can order in different quantities on the Internet. Push the stuffing through the small opening into the inside of the fabric cover until the bear is completely stuffed.

Then you only have to sew the small opening closed. If you are using a sewing machine, you can finish sewing the stuffed animal by folding each of the two open edges of the fabric slightly inwards, placing both edges on top of each other and sewing them together. The whole thing can also be done by hand. To do this, take a sewing needle and a thread that matches the color of the fabric and sew the hole closed with small stitches.

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Do Without Buttons For The Sake Of Safety

Now the teddy still needs eyes, nose and mouth. The free pattern of the bear indicates to use a pencil for this. However, since your baby will eventually have its first teeth and will put everything in its mouth to bite on it, it is better not to do this.

If the bear has to be washed, the colors can also run. Therefore, you should sew on the face with needle and thread, even if this step is not provided for the free pattern.

Especially with small babies there is also the danger that they choke on small parts. Therefore, it is also not advisable to use glass buttons as eyes. Only when sewing for children who have outgrown toddler age, glass eyes can be used without danger.

With needle and thread, stitch on the mouth, nose and eyes, knot the thread and pull the ends of the thread inside the bear. That’s it!
It’s so easy to sew your first cuddly toy.

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Patterns – Free Of Charge Or Against Payment?

If a pattern is free, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the quality is not right. On the Internet you can find both variants, depending on whether the operators of the websites want to earn money with their instructions and patterns or not.

Normally, the prices for paid patterns are less than 10 euros. However, special instructions can also reach the lower two-digit range. If the pattern absolutely has to be free, you can also look for instructions that are very similar to your sewing project and make individual variations.

Willst Du Kuscheltiere nähen, sind die Schnittformen meist einfach gehalten. Meist sind es nur die Proportionen, die neu ins Verhältnis gesetzt werden müssen. Die Formen lassen sich daher auch von einem Schnittmuster, das kostenlos zu haben ist, abnehmen.

Sewing A Music Box In The Shape Of A Cuddly Toy

If there is a new arrival in your family or circle of acquaintances, you can sew a cuddly toy for the offspring, which is, for example, an elephant and a music box at the same time. You can find the free pattern and instructions in the form of a video.

In the first weeks of life, a baby can not specifically grasp and hold a cuddly toy independently. Therefore, a loop is worked into the back of the elephant, with which you can hang the music box over the crib.

When the baby is bigger, it will occupy itself with the elephant and try to elicit music from the stuffed animal. On the elephant’s belly there is a cord for this purpose, with which the music box can be wound up.

Since the pattern is free, you can easily download it. Although in the belly of the elephant a music box is integrated, the sewing is quite simple even for beginners.

As in the first example, cut the shape of the elephant twice and sew the parts right sides together except for an opening. This time the slit has to be a bit bigger, because in the next step you have to put the music box inside the elephant. Music boxes can also be purchased on the Internet and are available with different melodies.

Next, stuff filler cotton around the music box and into the rest of the elephant until the stuffed animal is thick and soft. Then sew up the small opening through which the music box cord must hang out.

This is best done by hand, as the cord must not be sewn together with the fabric. Otherwise, the music box can not be wound. Now embroider on the eyes, even though the free pattern calls for button eyes.

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Better safe than sorry. And already the cuddly toy clock is ready. The baby will have something from this toy for a long time, because it can trigger the playing of the music independently only in infancy. With these music boxes, babies and toddlers can also be wonderfully occupied on long journeys, when the movement options are limited.

Sewing A Cuddly Toy Without A Pattern

Even if you don’t have a sewing machine, you can sew a self-created cuddly toy for your offspring and children in your circle of acquaintances. For example, how about a knitted cuddly snake, whose seams you sew by hand.

Free patterns are not necessary in this case, because you simply knit a rectangle, which is slightly pointed at one end. You can also knit in rounds, then you don’t need to sew them together.

If you work an open rectangle in the size of your choice, you close the body of the snake with the so-called mattress stitch. You have both edges of the knitted piece in front of you and first stitch into a stitch on the right edge.

In the second step, you stitch through a stitch on the left side at the same height and pull the thread through. Then repeat both steps, each time pricking one row higher.

This technique creates a neat seam, the bead of which disappears on the inside of the snake. Now embroider the eyes and knit a tongue and sew it firmly. Ready is also this project “Sewing for beginners”.

Sew Your Own Cuddly Toy: How To Make Great Gifts

You can find countless free patterns on the Internet. You don’t have to stick to the fabric recommendations, but you can get creative and use leftovers from your household materials.

Remnants are usually too small to make jackets or blankets. However, you can use them for work in patchwork technique, with which you can also sew cuddly animals. From remnants can also conjure up small decorative objects. Stars or clouds can embellish the nursery furniture or be hung as a mobile above the baby’s bed.

For children of toddler age can be sewn cubes from fabric scraps, with which they can not hurt themselves in sibling scuffles. Free patterns are not necessary for this either. You just need six squares of fabric of the same size, which you sew together and stuff.

Before sewing them together, you can add elements to the individual sides, for example, by cutting them out of felt and sewing them on. You can stitch on colors, numbers, letters or figures that stimulate your child’s learning. In this way you can make individual gifts without spending a lot of money, but with which you give a lot of joy.

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Sewing For Children – Creative Leisure Activities

If you already have older children in your household, you can inspire them with your ideas. Sewing is also for children. It doesn’t matter whether boys or girls take up needle and thread or dare to use a sewing machine.

Sewing machines are also available in children’s versions, so that sewing is easy even for beginners. Especially children are very grateful for tasks where the results can be seen immediately.

If your offspring is even allowed to do the sewing for other children in the family, you can strengthen their self-esteem. Sewing a small stuffed animal may be challenging enough, but free patterns and step-by-step instructions make it possible for younger children to sew bags, blankets or small stuffed animals.

If your sewing skills are more advanced, there are many, but not only free patterns, with which you can sew fancy cuddly animals. For example, how about a cute crocodile that little boys would surely love to welcome into their nursery?

Often, children also ask directly for certain stuffed animals that they have seen on TV or other children. The bigger the stuffed animals are, the higher their price

In such a case, how about sewing the stuffed animal yourself and save a lot of money? Besides, nothing beats a toy that no other child has. If you can make this view palatable to your child, expensive stuffed animals will be a thing of the past.

An important tip when sewing a stuffed animal for your offspring: you should always sew a second or even a third identical stuffed animal. Children quickly get used to their cuddly comrade in bed and become attached to it.

Some toys are an integral part of their lives into adolescence. However, it can happen very quickly that the favorite doll or cuddly toy is lost. Or fall victim to the pet’s teeth.

When traveling by train or plane, it can be forgotten and left under the bed in the hotel room. Of course, the cuddly toy can be sewn again. But even patterns that are available free of charge may no longer be available after a few years, and neither will the corresponding fabrics.

The pain of such a loss is boundless for children and can be avoided if you can sew several issues of this cuddly toy in advance. So plan enough fabric and keep the twins of the cuddly toy in a safe place. In an emergency, you will be grateful for this advice.

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