Sex During Early Pregnancy: What Do I Need To Consider?

In the rarest of cases, however, sex during pregnancy – even in the first few weeks – is dangerous for the child. This is because it is optimally protected in the mother’s womb by the uterus and the amniotic fluid.

The muscle and connective tissue surrounding the amniotic sac also provide excellent protection. Shocks or violent body movements will therefore certainly not have any negative consequences for the unborn child.

Nevertheless, there are things that pregnant women should keep in mind during sex.

Sex During Early Pregnancy – A Danger For The Child?

During sex positions of all kinds, both the man and the woman often have an orgasm. This is the beauty of sexual intercourse.

Thus, the pregnant woman’s abdomen sometimes becomes hard when she reaches her climax, and her uterus is also extremely supplied with blood at this time. It pulsates and is therefore gently in motion.

Many a woman feels orgasmic waves during sexual intercourse during the climax. These spread throughout the entire abdomen

In the course of this, contraction of the uterine muscles occurs. This is a natural process that does not induce miscarriage or premature birth.

No Fear During Sexual Intercourse

When having sex during pregnancy, many fathers-to-be are afraid that they might penetrate the baby with their penis. Yet this is not even remotely possible anatomically.

The child in the womb is perfectly fine during sex in early pregnancy as well as during sex in pregnancy in the last trimester.

Experience has shown that a woman’s physical sensation can change considerably during pregnancy. However, this does not have to mean at the same time that discomfort arises during sex during early pregnancy or that the unborn baby suffers during the lovemaking of its parents.

The opposite is usually the case: the close bond between mother and father is transferred to the unborn child, and this is good for its development.

So experts agree that sex during early pregnancy can be crucial in many ways – both for the couple and for the baby in the womb.

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Sex During Pregnancy: The Early Stages

If pregnancy is present, many women’s desire for sex is particularly pronounced in some cases. This is because the genital area is supplied with more blood than usual, especially in the first weeks of pregnancy.

Therefore, the pregnant woman initially reacts far more sensitively to external stimuli. Many expectant mothers also feel particularly relaxed in the early pregnancy phase.

One reason for this is the physical and hormonal changes that are now taking place in the woman’s body.

In addition, they no longer have to think about contraception and can therefore literally “devote” themselves to their partner with all their senses during sex. Completely relaxed and detached.

If, on the other hand, you are one of those pregnant women who now, in the early stages of pregnancy, have no desire for sexual intercourse at all, this is also nothing unusual.

On the contrary, nausea and tiredness can spoil the sense of all kinds of sexual positions.

Frequent vomiting and the feeling of becoming more and more physically unattractive because of changing shapes also contribute to the fact that sex during early pregnancy is perceived more like a chore than a pleasure.

Sensations Are Different During Sex In Early Pregnancy

Sexual intercourse with a partner is usually perceived quite differently during pregnancy. For example, many women have concerns about sex positions of all kinds, in that sex may induce a miscarriage.

For example, due to increased hormone activity and blood flow during sex. In addition, the penetration of the penis into the vagina is sometimes considered a danger to the unborn child.

Many men and women alike find the idea that a child is growing in the womb – and that it is “present” during sexual intercourse – very disconcerting.

Such fears and anxieties are completely normal. It is important that thoughts of this kind are allowed and also communicated.

As in many other life situations, unspoken thoughts can lead to even more insecurity over time. If there is no desire to have children and yet pregnancy has occurred, the desire for sex can be severely limited.

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Sex during early pregnancy is also often perceived as very uncomfortable when there are family problems or shortly before a separation. According to the motto: “Communication is everything”, it is essential that these issues are addressed directly and discussed within the partnership.

If necessary, experts can be consulted. Talking “liberates” and is good for the soul. Especially with a view to healthy child development already in the womb, it is essential to dispose of “soul ballast”.

Sexual Intercourse Is Not Dangerous If…

“Is it allowed to have sexual intercourse during pregnancy?” This question concerns not only young people. And yet, from a medical and psychological point of view alone, this topic is not up for debate at all.

After all, experts found out a long time ago how important intimacy is within a relationship and what special significance the exchange of affection has, especially during pregnancy.

In 1999, for example, several studies were published in the “Journal of Psychosomatic Research” that prove that it does not harm unborn children if women have sex during their pregnancy – as long as it is not a high-risk pregnancy.

In this case, it is generally advisable to consult with a trusted medical specialist.

This Is How Female Sensation Changes In Early Pregnancy:

  • The blood supply to the uterus becomes particularly strong.
  • The vaginal area reacts more sensitively to touch.
  • The entire body sensation changes during sex.
  • A woman’s breasts begin to grow in early pregnancy.
  • The nipples are highly sensitive to external stimuli and may even hurt.
  • Touch stimuli can radiate from the breasts to the pelvis, which is usually experienced as extremely pleasant.

High-Risk Pregnancy – When Women Have Sex

In the case of a high-risk pregnancy, caution is advised for women who want to have sexual intercourse.

It is best to talk directly to your gynecologist. There you will learn, among other things, that the female body releases more of the oxytocin hormone during pregnancy.

This hormone is a danger for women who are prone to premature labor and should not be underestimated. This is because oxytocin can intensify the formation of contractions and, as a consequence, even induce the birth of the child.

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The accompanying first signs of the beginning of childbirth are the so-called descending contractions. When the time comes, it feels about the same as normal contractions.

However, the lowering contractions make themselves felt over a longer period. The pain sensation is deeper and is accompanied by severe discomfort, dizziness, severe back pain, and nausea in many women giving birth.


In principle, you do not have to abstain from sexual intercourse during pregnancy. Even if it is a high-risk pregnancy.

If your doctor advises you not to have sex, this instruction only refers to refraining from sex positions of any kind in which the man’s erect member penetrates your vagina.

Petting, as well as caresses and other forms of eroticism, may de facto continue to be lived out and enjoyed with all senses. In most cases, it is even possible to use dildos, vibrators, and other sex toys.

Pay Attention To These Factors

Women should refrain from having sex in early pregnancy if they have already suffered one or even several miscarriages beforehand. From the second half of pregnancy, the risk reduces, so sex is possible again – after consultation with the gynecologist.

Consider the following, however: Sex could intensify the feeling of uneasiness in the abdomen. So if you experience early contractions, you should refrain from sexual intercourse.

If your cervix has opened prematurely, there is a high risk that bacteria or germs will enter your body during sex.

If necessary, these can penetrate as far as the amniotic sac. This is because an open cervix no longer represents a complete protective barrier. In the worst case, this could result in a miscarriage or premature birth.

If bleeding occurs, women are well-advised to abstain from sex. Only when no more bleeding is detected and the gynecologist gives the “green light” because the female body has stabilized again, is sexual intercourse permitted again in the early phase of pregnancy.

There are women in whom the placenta is located directly above the cervix. This automatically “seals off” the birth canal. Mechanical external stress or penetration of the penis during the act could cause heavy bleeding.

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Indispensable For Men And Women During Sex

Good hygiene before and after sex during early pregnancy is essential. In contrast, women who pay too little attention to cleanliness and personal hygiene run an increased risk of infection.

This could trigger premature labor, leading to premature birth. Both the woman and the man should therefore focus on cleanliness in the intimate area.

Otherwise, fungi, viruses, or bacteria will spread and be transmitted from the man to the woman – or vice versa.

But don’t overdo it with intimate care, because cheap products or aggressive care products for the intimate area could destroy the protective environment in the vaginal area: another source of danger for the development of germs.

Not Always A Cause For Concern – Bleeding During Sex

A woman’s genital area is supplied with more blood even in the earliest stages of pregnancy. Therefore, it is nothing unusual if there is slight bleeding during sexual intercourse.

Gynecologists refer to this as contact bleeding, which originates from the cervix, which is well supplied with blood and is deposited in the vaginal secretions during sex. These bleedings subside again after a short time.

There is therefore no reason to worry. However, if you experience pain and heavier bleeding, you should consult a doctor immediately.


Sex during early pregnancy is usually a wonderful thing and is not dangerous for mother and child. Nevertheless, if in doubt, you are always on the safe side if you ask the gynecologist you trust for advice and have a thorough examination.

In this way, you can determine together whether there is a potential medical or health risk for sex during early pregnancy. In any case, extreme caution is advised in high-risk pregnancies.

From the last third of pregnancy, however, the body has usually stabilized again, so that sex positions of all kinds are possible again.

However, you should also trust your doctor’s advice in the last weeks of pregnancy and attend all gynecological examinations until delivery.

The doctor will always help you with any uncertainties and recommend whether or to what extent you should abstain from sex during early pregnancy.


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