Sex During Pregnancy – About Pleasure And Unfounded Worries

Men are usually more concerned about sex during pregnancy than women. Men are often afraid of hurting the baby somehow or “bumping” it. However, this worry is completely unfounded and you can have sex during pregnancy without hesitation. As long as it is pleasant for both of you, nothing will stand in the way of your love – not even an unborn child.

Sex During Pregnancy – The Baby Is Well Protected

The answer is no! Thanks to the amniotic fluid, the uterus, and the surrounding muscles, the unborn baby is so well protected that shocks cannot harm it.

It is true that during orgasm the abdomen becomes hard and the uterus pulsates, but this does not harm the child. The worry of expectant dads that they will “bump” the baby is also unfounded because anatomically this is not possible.

Do Women Even Feel Like Having Sex During Pregnancy?

This always depends somewhat on the stage of pregnancy and, of course, every woman feels differently…

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Sex During The First Trimester – Unwillingness Dominates

During the first trimester, most women don’t feel quite as much like having sex. No wonder – it is often accompanied by discomforts, such as nausea and vomiting, fatigue, aching breasts, and mood swings. Instead of lust, most are more concerned with cuddling, closeness, and caressing or massage sessions.

Sex During The Second Trimester – The Peak Phase

In the second trimester, the discomfort decreases and the desire returns. Special hormones increase blood flow to the entire genital area, which leads to new erotic sensations. In addition, the breasts become fuller, the nipples more sensitive and more vaginal secretions are produced. This interaction leads to women having an orgasm more easily.

Another point that can enrich the love life is that as a couple you no longer have to worry about the issue of contraception.

Apart from that, many men find their partner’s new feminine curves attractive and appealing. These three points lead many couples to perceive their love life as more fulfilling during the second trimester.

Sex During The Third Trimester – From Lust To Frustration

The peak of desire diminishes and discomfort returns. Aside from the back pain, a roly-poly belly and the leakage of foremilk can inhibit one’s desire for sex.

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However, if you feel well enough, there is nothing wrong with having sex during pregnancy. However, since the belly is in the way in some positions, one or the other position may no longer work. Therefore, in the last phase, positions on your side or in a sitting position are pleasant.

Sex Shortly Before The Birth Can Be Helpful

If you have sex just before the due date, it will have two positive side effects. But don’t worry, this can only happen when your body is really ready for birth.

  1. Semen contains prostaglandins. These are hormone-like substances that can trigger. contractions
  2. Prostaglandins soften the cervix, making it easier to open.

Sex During Pregnancy – What Should You Keep In Mind?

As harmless as sex is during pregnancy, you should still pay attention to a few points.


One of them is proper hygiene. Body hygiene is the first priority during sex in pregnancy so that no bacteria or fungi can settle. Cold to lukewarm water for cleaning after sex is sufficient. Anything else will destroy the protective environment, so you should not overdo it.

As a man, you must also pay attention to hygiene and cleanliness. Insufficient hygiene can promote infections, which in turn can trigger premature labor and result in premature birth.

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Bleeding After Sex

As mentioned above, the genital area is well supplied with blood. Therefore, it is not uncommon to have slight bleeding after sex during pregnancy. In most cases, these are contact bleedings, as they are known from vaginal examinations. They are harmless and neither dangerous for the mother nor for the unborn baby. However, if you have bleeding for no reason and it may be painful, you should see a doctor.

When Should You Be Careful Or Refrain From Having Sex During Pregnancy?

In some cases, your gynecologist will advise you against having sex during pregnancy. Possible founders for abstaining from sex could be:

Don’t Feel Like Having Sex? – There Are Alternatives And Also More Important Things

Pregnancy definitely changes your sex life: every woman feels differently about sex in the different phases. The physical change also contributes to this – some feel less attractive, the others all the more attractive for it. If you don’t feel like having sex during pregnancy, that’s not so bad, because there are other forms of intimacy. Talk openly with your partner about your wishes.

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Between Fascination And Uncertainty – How Men Feel About Sex During Pregnancy

These physical changes can be attractive and fascinating for a man. The rounding of the belly with his child and the fuller bosom can be more erotic and sexier for him. In addition, the pregnancy hormones make the skin look smoother and pinker, the hair shines more and the nipples and areola become darker. All this can be extremely attractive to the man and have a strong sexual attraction to him.

But the man can also become more insecure and passive about sex due to pregnancy. Both the mood changes of the partner and temporary security and composure can irritate and unsettle the man.

Some men find the leakage of foremilk and weight gain somewhat disconcerting. Another reason for insecurity, as mentioned above, maybe the fear of harming the unborn child through sex.


If you don’t have a problematic history, sex during pregnancy is allowed and safe.
Pregnancy does affect your sex life – you may have to choose a different position than usual. The fear that something might happen to the unborn child is unfounded as long as you pay attention to proper hygiene. At most, it will feel that the parents are doing well. 😉


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