The Sheep Cold Has Germany In Its Grip

Almost all over the country every morning the same picture when you look out the window. Rain, dark clouds in the sky, and really chilly. Not at all how one imagines the summer. But dear children, you do not have to worry about that, because it is quite normal for this time. Around this time in June, always around the beginning of summer, we have the Sheep cold that occurs. It has been proven that this occurs about nine times in ten years.

Almost Every Year There Is The Sheep Cold

The sheep cold comes to us almost every year and only on very few exceptions it does not occur. Usually, this is always the case at the beginning of summer and causes a bad mood in almost everyone. Mostly it was already really warm before, children were already in the open-air swimming pool, the delicious ice cream already tasted very good and suddenly it becomes really cool again. This is due to the fact that very often in June really cold air from the North Sea flows into Germany. This happens almost regularly every year, as weather records since 1881 show, which has been closely studied by weather researchers. If this case occurs, then the researchers speak of the sheep cold, and unfortunately at this time then the summer makes a break.

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Even The Sheep Have To Freeze

Your children are surely happy when mom puts the thick sweaters in the back of the closet and you can wear light clothes because it is really warm outside. The sweaters are then no longer needed and children then prefer to wear shorts and T-shirts. The sheep are also shorn now at this time of year because otherwise, it would also be too warm for them in the summer with the thick fur. But suddenly this sheep cold comes and we start to freeze again. You don’t really need the thick sweater, but a light jacket is needed. Similarly, it goes to the sheep, because without their fur must also freeze. Therefore, they now prefer to stay in the barn and wait until it gets really warm again.

Explanation Of The Difficult Words:

The Sheep cold a sudden drop in temperature in the month of June, which is very noticeable, especially in Germany. Since at this time of year the sheep have always been shorn and they then freeze at the low temperatures, this time is also called sheep cold.

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The North Sea is a marginal sea of the Atlantic Ocean. It forms the main connection between the open North Atlantic and the Arctic Ocean. The sea lies between Norway, Iceland, and the archipelago of Spitsbergen

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