Sick From Sausage And Ham

The World Health Organization warns that sausage and ham can make some people sick. These products can cause cancer. At least that’s what cancer researchers from the World Health Organization believe, especially if you are too many of them.

Danger Before Cancer In The Intestine

It is dangerous with sausage and ham, because they are salted, or are smoked and often also as Canned food is boiled down. These processes can produce substances that make people sick and promote cancer. Researchers have found that in countries where a lot of meat and sausage is eaten, many more people get colon cancer. Therefore, it is better not to eat so much sausage or even ham.

Not Everything Is Bad

However, not everything is bad and everything is dangerous. Researchers have also found that, for example, lamb, steaks, and also cutlets are not so dangerous. One should only make sure that it is not allowed to get too hot when frying. That does not mean however now also that one becomes immediately ill if one is meat. One should simply not so much of it from. Nutrition experts say that it is perfectly ok to eat meat two or three times a week. But the most important thing for people is not to smoke, to exercise and do sports, and to make sure they don’t get too fat. Then you can eat sausage and ham with complete peace of mind.

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Explanation Of The Difficult Words:

The World Health Organization World Health Organization, or WHO for short, is a specialized agency of the United Nations. It has its headquarters in the city of Geneva in Switzerland. A total of 194 countries belong to the WHO. The WHO is committed to ensuring that the people of the world can live as healthy as possible.

As Canned Food are different containers used to store food for a longer period of time after it has been canned. Canned foods are mostly packed in cans.

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