Simple Summer Hacks For Moms (These really work!!)

With summer just around the corner, you might be wondering how you can manage the summer months with the kids without losing your mind. These 7 simple summer hacks for moms can help keep the kids happy while keeping you as stress free as possible.

Moms, you're going to need these hacks to keep the kids occupied this summer AND keep your sanity.

Simple Summer Hacks For Moms

Summer should be about letting loose and having fun, and these 7 simple summer hacks for moms can help everyone do just that. Give these summer hacks a try and see if they can make your summer more memorable!

1. Keep an emergency clean up kit in the car.

This clean up kit will include wipes, towels, sanitizer, a comb or two, changes of undies for the kids, and other items so you can freshen up after swimming, going to the beach, or after a day of sweaty fun at the park. Having these quick clean up items will make all the difference in everyone’s comfort.

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The BEST tips for moms during the summer school break.

2. Keep a boredom jar close by.

Write down a few dozen simple but fun activities on strips of paper. Place the paper in a jar and head to the jar anytime the kids are bored. All they need to do is pull out one of the strips and do the activity on the strip. Activity ideas can include putting together a puzzle, writing a poem, or even going on a hunt for cool rocks.

3. Build up your DVD collection for cheap.

Head to thrift stores and garage sales to build up your dvd collection for pennies. These DVDs will come in handy on rainy days or for family movie nights during the summer months. They are also great for those days you just want to enjoy some popcorn, stay inside, and watch a great flick.

I wish I knew all this last summer! It would have been ALOT easier.

4. Get creative with water.

Kids can play with water for hours. Find creative ways to use water so they can have fun and cool off at the same time. Try making sponge bombs by cutting sponges into strips and tying them together in the center with some string. You can also try making a water sensory table, or, have some weekly hose and water balloon fights!

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5. Inexpensively build up your towel supply.

Doesn’t it seem like you can never keep enough towels clean during the summer months? Hit up those linen sales where bath towels are $2.99 or buy them in bulk on Amazon. While these towels aren’t always the greatest quality for your home, they are perfect for the kids to take to the beach or pool parties.

6. Try weekly snack prep.

Kids can eat all day long during the summer months, right? Try at the start of each week creating a snack menu that is easy for kids to grab and go. Stock up on these snack size Ziplock bags. Cut up vegetables, have baked crackers, fruit snacks, and other snack items prepped and ready and in an easy to access drawer so kids can get to them when they need. Having these items cut, proportioned, and ready will make snacking a breeze.

Summer Hacks for moms to get by

7. Stock up at the dollar store at the start of the season.

Head to the dollar store at the start of the season and buy summer essentials in bulk. This includes sunglasses, beach toys, bubbles, sidewalk chalk, and all of the summer items kids tend to go through like underwear during the summer months. Give them a few at a time and ration the remainder out during the summer months. It might feel silly buying 10 pairs of sunglasses, but trust me after numerous beach trips, vacations, and play dates they are sure to turn up missing!

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Enjoy a fun and stress free summer when you consider these 7 simple summer hacks for moms! Keep these hacks in mind as you make your summer plans, as they are sure to come in handy!

What’s you summer time hack?

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