Skin Care During Pregnancy – Care For The Baby Bump

Most pregnant women have it written all over their faces – they are expecting a baby! In addition to a happy smile, their complexion also appears more radiant and rosy. But some don’t feel at all comfortable in their skin: blemishes or dry patches give them a hard time…

During pregnancy, the female body circulates greatly increased levels of hormones such as progesterone, relaxin and estrogen. Together with improved blood circulation, they create optimal conditions for the growing child. At the same time, they also have an impact on a woman’s external appearance: estrogens play an important role in smooth and supple skin. They stimulate collagen formation and cell renewal and help retain moisture. On the other hand, they also have an effect on the sebaceous glands, which can result in dry areas or inflammation. If hormone levels are subject to major fluctuations – such as during puberty or pregnancy – the physical changes are reflected in our skin. And every woman reacts differently to the hormone mix…

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What Happens To The Skin During Pregnancy?

First and foremost, it undergoes a major stretching process, especially on the abdomen, but also on the breasts and hips. The baby needs room – in the last weeks the waist circumference can be up to one meter and more! The pregnancy hormones provide the necessary elasticity. But if the tissue stretches too quickly, fine tears can appear in the subcutaneous tissue: Stretch marks develop, the so-called “striae gravidarum”.

Can Women Prevent The Stretch Marks Or Care For Them Appropriately?

Not every expectant mother gets striae. Depending on the connective tissue and the condition, it varies from woman to woman. Massages or alternating showers certainly do no harm, but whether they have a preventive effect is rather questionable. I always recommend to continue using the normal, usual care products. Rich, oily creams or body oils that are quickly absorbed into the skin and make it supple are good.

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Brown Spots Often Appear On The Face – What Is The Reason For This?

Expectant mothers are very sensitive to light. Their skin reacts to UV radiation with increased pigmentation, the chloasma. These brown spots – triggered by the skin tanning substance melanin – are often found on the nose, cheeks and chin, and are referred to as “chloasma uterinum” during pregnancy. Therefore, make sure that your day cream has a high sun protection factor. Many people also have a fine line from the navel downwards, the “linea fusca”. This is also due to the change in pigmentation. Therefore, you should now avoid direct sunlight and solariums.

How Long Does The Pigmentation Last?

After birth, the chloasma recedes. They say, “The child comes three quarters of a year and goes three quarters of a year.” Then the skin appearance should be the same as before pregnancy. Thus, pimples and blemishes, which may increase during the nine months, also fade away again. Only the “linea fusca” can remain – especially in very dark-skinned women – weakened, but permanently and remind of the pregnancy.

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Do The Breasts Need Special Attention?

The breast also becomes larger during pregnancy and prepares itself for breastfeeding. The change in hormones makes the nipples more sensitive and the areolas darker. I advise every pregnant woman, as soon as the breast feels heavy, to wear a well-supporting bra. This way you protect the skin in that area from the strain. Otherwise, I recommend continuing to take care of yourself as usual.

What Should Expectant Mothers Pay Attention To When Showering Or Bathing?

If possible, you should not use strongly perfumed and synthetic soaps or shampoos with preservatives, but instead use natural products. Replenishing bath additives are quick and ei

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