Sleep Better – 14 Tips For Kids

If you regularly suffer from insomnia, it is best to have yourself checked out by a doctor. Night sweats, trouble falling asleep, and nocturnal trips to the bathroom can be signs of serious illness. In addition, you can take the following tips to heart to finally sleep better.

Sports And Exercise In The Fresh Air

If you’ve been busy during the day, you’ll be dog-tired in the evening. Try to be a little more active. A long run, training in the fitness center, or roller skating with friends will help you get your sleep rhythm back under control.

Get outside for at least an hour every day. This will help your body get rid of excess adrenaline. Because spending time in the sun regulates the neurotransmitter in your brain, it helps you fall asleep better at night.

The Obligatory Visit To The Doctor

If your symptoms persist for a long time, a health check-up with your doctor is inevitable. Also, most sedatives and sleeping pills require a prescription. Talk to your doctor about your sleep complaints and, if necessary, have a mild sedative prescribed.

A comprehensive health check should be carried out if your complaints persist for a long time and there is no improvement. Because then it cannot be ruled out that a chronic illness is behind the sleep problems.

Herbal Sedatives And Homeopathy

It is not always necessary to bring in the heavy artillery. Complementing exercise and spending time in the fresh air, you can try a mild herbal sedative such as valerian or passedan. Talk to your parents about this and be sure to follow what the package insert says. Because even herbal sedatives should be dosed exactly as indicated by the pharmacist or the package insert.

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In drugstores and pharmacies, you can also buy homeopathic pellets and drops that help with restlessness and sleep disorders. They have no side effects and are available without a prescription. As a diabetic, however, you should note that the beads usually contain sugar.

Establish A Sleep Ritual

Because we humans love rituals and habits, we like some things to be the same over and over again. Signal your brain to release sleep hormones by setting up a ritual for the evening.

For example, brew yourself a cup of tea or make cocoa and sit with it in your favorite spot in the house. This can be the hammock on the terrace, a cozy armchair in the living room, or your regular spot on the couch. No matter where: try to get quiet and review the day internally. Think about what you liked about the day and what was not so great.

You can create your own individual ritual to teach your body when it’s time to get quiet. You can also:

  • Light incense sticks and candles.
  • Listen to some quiet music.
  • Take a warm shower.
  • Lie down on the couch and think about nothing for a couple of minutes.
  • Use relaxation methods (autogenic training, meditation).
  • Make a guided fantasy journey.
  • Read a little.
  • Listen to an audio book.
  • Talk about the day with a loved one.
  • Quietly turn off all the lights in the apartment and make a last round through the apartment.
  • Brush or stroke the cat or dog.
  • Or simply do something pleasant.

Some kids are used to talking to mom or dad before bed, while he or she sits by the bed and gives a few more cuddles. Some kids like to cuddle with mom or dad until they fall asleep. Know that it’s perfectly okay to still be put to bed by your parents, even as an older child. Anything that makes you feel good is allowed and okay – especially if you suffer from sleep problems.

However, you should avoid bright lights, loud noises, computer games, and television. These things stimulate the brain and prevent you from falling asleep.

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Don’t Watch Too Much Television

If you watch a lot of television or play computer or mobile games during the day, you will have a lot to process in the evening. The brain then has a hard time switching off. That’s why it’s hard to fall asleep immediately after watching TV.

Also, make sure you don’t go to sleep right after studying or doing homework. Allow your brain the time it needs to go into sleep mode. Avoid cramming in the evening and do the important things during the day. This will also save you from unnecessary worries and school nightmares.

Drink Plenty During The Day

If you drink a little in the evening, it is very likely that you will have to go to the bathroom a little later. This can be very unpleasant when you would have just slept well and then have to fight your way out of bed.

Drink enough during the day to avoid getting thirsty in the evening. Keep reminding yourself of this. It also helps to drink from a large mineral water bottle to keep track of your drinking habits.

Good Air In The Children’s Room

It has been proven that you sleep better when it is relatively cool in the room. Air the room after you get up and make sure the air in the room is fresh, cool, and moist before you go to bed. If your room air is quite dry, ask your parents to set up a humidifier. An inexpensive alternative is water containers that you can hang over the radiator or hanging damp towels.

Quiet In Your Head

Street noise making it impossible for you to fall asleep? Use hearing protection from the pharmacy or drugstore to muffle the noise as much as possible. Depending on your preference, you can choose from different materials such as plastic or wax. Choose hearing protection that feels good to you and doesn’t interfere with your sleep.

No Alcohol Or Cigarettes In The Evening

The headline is actually self-explanatory. If you’ve read this article so far, you know why we’re giving you this tip. So try not to smoke or drink alcohol in the evening if you already have sleep disorders.

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Regular Sleep Rhythm

If you are a shift worker, try to find an arrangement with your employer that is more beneficial to your health. It can help if you don’t change shifts every week, but always have the same shift for two weeks. In addition, in many companies, it is possible to do without a night shift.

If you cannot reconcile your work with your sleep schedule at all, consider changing jobs. Your health should come first. And you will surely find a new job sooner or later.

Sleep Diary

Write down every day how well you slept. Note down the reasons for the good or bad quality of sleep. Write down if you drank alcohol or smoked. You can also record other disturbing factors such as worries or bad grades.

This will make it easier to track down the reason for your sleep disorder. An asleep diary can even help your doctor or therapist find a suitable solution for you.

Fixed Sleeping Place

Get used to only sleeping in bed and not doing anything else there. Try not to lie on it during the day while doing homework or other things. Because the bed should only be there for sleeping.

Also, only go to bed when you are really tired. If you can’t fall asleep, you’d better get up and occupy yourself for a while by doing something pleasant. Do not go back to bed until you are tired enough to sleep.

By doing this, you give your bed the meaning of a place to sleep. Your brain then knows, “Aha, if I’m lying in bed, then it’s time to sleep”.

Create A Sleep Schedule

Not all people need the same amount of sleep. If you sleep too much, your circulatory system shuts down. Then you’re tired all day long, even though you’ve had more than enough sleep. But if you sleep too little, you don’t really feel any better. Concentration problems are the result.

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Observe yourself for a while to find out how much sleep you need to feel good. You can add this information to your sleep diary. Write down every day how much you slept and how you feel today.

Once you figure out how much sleep you need, set a sleep schedule. Decide what time you want to go to bed and get up. This also helps in that your body can already adjust to a certain time to go to sleep. Stick to the sleep schedule for at least a few weeks, even if you want to break it off in between or go to bed later.

After a while, you should feel that you now have a good sleep-wake rhythm and get tired at the right time by yourself. By the way, if you nap during the day, you should sleep a little shorter at night in return.

The Right Bed And The Right Mattress

Last but not least, your bed also plays a role in the quality of your daily sleep. Make sure that the slatted frame and mattress are appropriate for your body weight. Light people, children, and teenagers should sleep on soft mattresses.

People who weigh a little more sleep better on harder mattresses. This is because the sleeping surface should balance the weight so that the spine rests as straight as possible. Only in this way is sleep as restful as possible.

Take a trip to the furniture store with your parents if you find your mattress too soft or hard and therefore feel disturbed while sleeping. If you have back or neck problems, consider special foam mattresses and health pillows.

Good mattresses are relatively expensive fun, but will last for many years and promote healthy sleep.

Worksheet For The Text

1) How do you create a sleep plan? Explain in bullet points what you learned about it.

2) What can you do if you can’t sleep properly? Tell your seatmate those tips you remembered from the article.

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