Sleep Problems During Pregnancy? How To Finally Get Rid Of Them!

What Causes Insomnia During Pregnancy

The reasons for your sleep problems differ at different stages of pregnancy. Very noticeable is insomnia mainly in the first and last trimester. The hormonal changes in the first trimester of pregnancy also have consequences for your sleep. Often women feel the fatigue during the day, at night they do not get to rest due to the constant urge to urinate and the effect of pregnancy hormones.

  • In the second trimester of pregnancy, women can often recover. During this time, fatigue and sleep problems often recede. For many women, very strong and many dreams emerge during this period. In the last trimester then makes the growing physical stress strongly noticeable. Often it comes in the last trimester to heartburn, back or pelvic pain, night leg cramps or the well-known restless leg syndrome. Many women find it difficult to find a comfortable sleeping position at all during this time. The weight of the child and the donor mother press heavily on the bladder, causing the constant urge to urinate. Also, due to hormonal influences, the unborn children are very “nocturnal” and thus do not let their mom come to rest.
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It Is Important To Find The Right Sleeping Position!

To prevent sleep problems, the right sleeping position can help. It is also helpful if you get used to sleeping on your left side for the first few weeks. This position relieves your body and promotes blood circulation.
You can also support your back with comfortable pillows and also put a nursing pillow between your knees. In the last four to six weeks, it may happen that you can rest better in a comfortable armchair than in your bed.

Exercise And Relax To Relieve Insomnia

Regular exercise during pregnancy has many positive reasons. Exercise helps combat many pregnancy ailments, prepares the body for the rigors of childbirth, promotes mental well-being and often helps you sleep better.
The annoying urge to urinate can even be reduced by swimming, preferably in the afternoon. However, exercise two hours before going to bed is very counterproductive. After an intense sports program, the body needs at least two hours to completely shut down. During this time, targeted relaxation exercises or a quiet and relaxing time will promote peaceful sleep. Even a warm bath for a maximum of ten minutes can help you get to sleep better. A massage can also contribute to physical and mental relaxation.

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Tips For A Trouble-Free Sleep

You should not eat a heavy meal before sleeping. This weighs down the body and you may not be able to rest. Drinks like coffee, cola and tea should be consumed in moderation.
Warm milk is a good help to fall asleep. When milk is heated, tryptophan is released. This is a natural amino acid that has a calming effect on the body and mind. If falling asleep doesn’t work, don’t force yourself to sleep, but read something or do some relaxation exercises to distract yourself.
For many women, the reason for their constant sleep problems is anxiety or constant thoughts about pregnancy. If this is the reason for you too, it can be helpful to have a conversation with experienced moms, a friend or your midwife to talk about your fears.

What If Your Sleep Problem Persists Anyway?

If you can’t get rid of your pregnancy-related insomnia with any of the methods, you should definitely talk to your midwife about your sleep problems. Maybe she can recommend herbal sleep aids that will help you. Herbal remedies such as hops, valerian, Bach flowers, Schüssler salts and homeopathic remedies can make insomnia disappear from your life.
Many midwives swear by acupuncture for pregnancy complaints, as well as for pregnancy-related insomnia. You have completed additional training for this.

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