7 Sneaky Ways To Get To Target By Yourself

Target is my happy place. I love that I can go there and buy just about anything I need. As a mom of little kids, I want to make the fewest amount of stops as possible. But I very rarely get to go to Target on my own and that makes me sad. I love to just wander around and find all the cool things and then (not) buy them. Are you like me? If so, I’ve created a list of sneaky ways you can use to trick your hubby into letting you go to Target on your own.

7 Sneaky Ways To Get To Target By Yourself - Target is my happy place. Are you like me? If so, I’ve created a list of sneaky ways you can use to trick your hubby into letting you go to Target on your own.

Gotta get milk!

Tell your husband you need some kind of staple like milk, that you can’t wait to get on your regular weekly grocery shopping trip. We need milk for breakfast cereal, so it’s a necessity at my house. Bonus points if you actually did run out of milk instead of just hiding it in the back of the fridge or dumping it down the drain.

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Say you have a yeast infection and need some cream NOW

Maybe TMI for some, but NO MAN is going to question a woman about this. Same goes for needing tampons or pads. He won’t question why you need them right this second, in fact he will probably hurry you out the door as fast as possible.

Make promises you know you won’t keep about what you’ll do instead

Sorry husbands, but it’s a fact of life that wives sometimes “lie” about what they’ll do for you later. Most women actually don’t consider it lying, since they really do intend to do whatever it is later, but when the time comes, they’re exhausted, have a headache, are on their period, fill in the blank here.

Gotta return something real quick

Returns shouldn’t take that much time right? Unless you go shopping afterward! Just don’t mention that part of it.

Lie about where you’re going

Well of course this will work. Pick a place no one else wants to go with you and say that’s where you’re headed. The gyno, the post office, the book store, the DMV…there are tons of places no one would voluntarily go with you. A little white lie won’t hurt anyone.

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Gotta pee

If you’re out and about running errands, you could say you need to make a quick pit stop. Women always have to pee, right? And on the way back out from the bathroom, you might take a look at an item or four.

I’ll just run in

Last but not least, try the truth. But spin it in a way that won’t make him suspicious. Use words and phrases like: “I’ll just run in,” “It will just take 5 minutes,” “I only need a few things.” This is the method of last resort however, since it could completely backfire on you. Good luck!

What’s your Target run excuse? I would love to add it to my list!

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