So That The First Cold In The Baby Does Not Become A Test Of Patience

A cold with a blocked or runny nose is not nice for anyone. However, it is particularly unpleasant for an infant who, due to its anatomy, breathes exclusively through the nose. Therefore, it is especially important to get a stuffy nose unblocked quickly. Since most commercially available medications are not suitable for sensitive infants, other measures must be taken here.

What Can Be Done Preventively?

As summer draws to a close, temperatures drop and the likelihood of rain increases, so does the risk of a cold for young and old. Babies are particularly at risk, as they cannot express themselves if they are cold or sweaty when they are outdoors in the wrong clothing. Because just as dangerous as too thin clothing in the fall can be too much.

Who packs already in the autumn its infant with wool cap and scarf thickly, can add in the winter with minus degrees nothing more. The risk of catching a cold increases because the infant has not been able to acclimatize properly and prepare for the cold season. Since a sweating child is more susceptible to bacteria and viruses, it is also quicker to catch a cold. Clothing should always be adapted to the external conditions and also be variable on the move thanks to the onion system (several thinner garments on top of each other instead of a thick jacket). You can quickly tell from a baby’s hands whether he or she is dressed too warm or too cold, because they feel accordingly.

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Is It Absolutely Necessary To Go To The Doctor?

If the baby does catch it, many parents first react with great concern. But don’t worry. In the first year, a child can catch up to 10 colds. But this is also a good thing. Because only when its immune system comes into contact with the pathogens can it diagnose them as such and then fight them off. A cold is therefore not particularly pleasant, but it is important for the development of the child and its immune system. A visit to the doctor is only necessary if the fever rises above 39.5 °C or lasts longer than 3 days. The pediatrician should also be consulted if the cough is persistent.
What medicines can be given to a baby?

Different guidelines apply to babies than to adults. The pharmacy can tell young parents which over-the-counter medicines they can give their child and how to administer them. These include age-appropriate decongestant nasal drops with a virus-inhibiting property.

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Essential oils are usually too concentrated and therefore not suitable, as they can even lead to respiratory arrest. To enable your child to breathe without discomfort, you can get a special nasal aspirator for infants. This tool makes it very easy to clear the nose. You can find nasal aspirators from various suppliers in the pharmacy. For stuck dry secretions helps a drop of saline solution, which is placed in the nostril and softens the incrustations.

How Else Can The Baby Be Helped?

It is indeed true: toughening up protects against colds. A daily walk in the fresh air and in any weather reduces the risk of a cold. Personal hygiene and a regular healthy daily routine provide additional protection. To avoid the risk of infection by droplets, family members with a cold should pay particular attention to hygiene, for example by washing their hands again when approaching the baby.

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