How To Furnish The Nursery For A Schoolchild

Things are getting exciting at home right now: My son Emil will start school this summer. There’s a lot to do now: buying a school bag, making a school cone and taking care of the school equipment. But also the children’s room has to be adapted to the new needs of your child. There is a lot to think about. That’s why I’ve done some research to find out what to look out for before the start of school. You surely want to give your child a great start to school. That’s why I’m going to give you some tips on how to adapt the nursery perfectly to the needs of a schoolchild.

The Development To A School Child

Starting school is the beginning of a whole new phase of life for children. This affects not only the daily routine, but also the personal development. Since the nursery is the place of retreat for your child it, it must adapt to the new developments. This means not only a new desk – after all, the children’s room will soon no longer be a pure playroom – but also other furniture or even toys, which in the eyes of your child are now becoming too childish, must be removed or well stowed away. So that your child still feels comfortable, his environment must adapt to the new conditions. In the following, I will show you what you should pay attention to.

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The Right Nursery Furniture For A Schoolchild

The most obvious change in the children’s room concerns the desk. Every schoolchild should have his or her own desk, which offers sufficient space and preferably also has a drawer for writing utensils. This, of course, includes a good desk chair that is height-adjustable and has an ergonomically shaped backrest. Your child will spend a lot of time at the desk in the future, so you should choose the new equipment carefully. A shelf with enough space for school books, notebooks and folders and a lamp are also important.

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Where Should The Desk Be Located?

The desk should always be in a friendly and bright place. A place by the window is therefore highly recommended. This offers the possibility to look outside for a moment. However, you should make sure that the window is not on the side of the writing hand, otherwise it will cast an annoying shadow on the paper. So the window should either be in the middle or on the left for right-handed people and on the right for left-handed people. Even if the desk is by the window, you need a good lamp. In addition to the normal lamp on the ceiling of the children’s room, you need a lamp that still provides light in the evening hours – this is easy on the eyes.

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Schreibtisch im Kinderzimmer
Desk in the children’s room

Other Changes In The Children’s Room

Depending on how your children’s room looks, it is often not so easy to accommodate such a large piece of furniture. If necessary, you may even have to move the entire room or buy a large part of the children’s room furniture from scratch. This may sound like a lot of work, but if you choose your new furniture carefully, it may even last for the next ten years. Of course, your child should be able to choose the furniture – after all, it is his or her room. But you should directly make sure to buy plain furniture that will also fit a teenager’s room, so that you can use it as long as possible. With the right nursery decor, you and your child can then perfectly match the room to your desires. When buying new furniture, always make sure that it is free of harmful substances, to avoid any sickness-inducing substances in your child’s room.

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Does My Child Really Need A Desk?

Many parents probably ask themselves this question. But even if you plan for your child to do homework primarily at the dining room table, they should still have their own work area. A desk in your child’s room is quieter and most children feel most comfortable in their own room – perfect for studying for an exam. This doesn’t mean that your child can’t study in another room, but you should give them the opportunity to retreat to their own room to do so. This brings us back to the important point of planning ahead: as a teenager at the latest, your child will not always want to study under the watchful eye of their parents. Here you can find out how to support your child in learning.

How To Be Perfectly Prepared For The Start Of School

As you can see, even if the school has been decided and the satchel has already been chosen, there are still a few things to think about before the start of school. Take the chance and furnish the children’s room according to the new developments. With a good workplace and a beautiful environment it learns best. I wish you a lot of fun while decorating and a great start of school for your child!

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