Soft Drinks Are Removed From The Menu For Children

Burger King is now doing the same as McDonald’s before it. For children are soft drinks off the menu. Instead of Coke, Fanta, etc., there will only be juice, milk or cocoa in the future.

Children’s Menu Without Soft Drinks

The American fast food chain Burger King is now getting serious. From all menus and also in the advertisement with the “kid-meals” no longer offered soft drinks because they have far too much sugar and are therefore unhealthy. The bosses of Burger King have confirmed this yesterday once again and this rule also applies to all restaurants of this company in Germany. Burger King had to do this because McDonald’s did the same thing before and they therefore don’t want to lose any guests.

Now Only Apple Juice, Milk Or Cocoa

As of now, there are no more very sugary drinks on the menu to go with a burger and fries or other food. The choices are now apple juice, milk or cocoa. But since we all live in a free country, of course you can’t forbid it if a child wants to drink cola. He or she can still have it, of course, but it may no longer be on the menu as a choice. But believe me, it’s not healthy in the long run anyway and only harms you if you drink too much of it. It not only makes you fat, but can also make you sick.

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Explanation Of The Difficult Words

Soft Drinks are soft drinks that are mostly carbonated and taste sweet and sour. They also have a high sugar content and are therefore not very healthy.

Kid-Meals are menus made especially for children to eat. Especially at Burger King or McDonald’s you go these. There, for example, hamburgers with fries and drink and a toy.

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