Sore Throat During Pregnancy: All About Causes And Treatment

Sore throats during pregnancy are not only annoying but very often herald a full-blown cold. Now a lot of rest is called for to make it easier for your body to get better. Here you can find out which home remedies can support you.

These Causes Are Behind Sore Throats In Pregnancy

Not every scratchy throat is caused by a cold. This also applies during pregnancy. Sore throat when swallowing, but also a non-specific scratching in the throat can have many causes.

If you do not notice any other signs of a cold on you, it may simply be a short-term weakness of the immune system, which is forgotten the next morning after sufficient sleep.

However, other diseases can also be behind the annoying sore throat. Do you suffer from allergies that cause you problems in the respiratory tract? It is also possible during pregnancy to react to your known allergens in this way.

Sore throat during pregnancy can then indicate that your body is reacting differently to your known allergens in this particular condition.

Sore Throat Can Have Many Reasons

Of course, sore throat during pregnancy can have other causes. It does not always have to be caused by an incipient infection or even a previously unknown allergen.

Chemical irritants, triggered for example by dust or smoke are another possibility to get a sore throat during pregnancy. In this case, it helps to get away from the source of irritation as quickly as possible and to get plenty of fresh air.

Flu Infections During Pregnancy

Although many reasons can cause the sore throat during pregnancy is usually a simple flu infection behind the annoying scratching in the throat. Sore throats during pregnancy caused by a cold are usually absolutely harmless for your baby.

However, this does not mean that the cold during pregnancy is pleasant for yourself, because the opposite is true. After all, your body is already busy with the pregnancy. Therefore, it may well be that the cold during pregnancy hits you much harder than you are used to.

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In addition, you are limited in taking medications that could alleviate your symptoms. Probably the most important thing to do when you feel a sore throat during pregnancy is to take it easy and not put any extra strain on your body.

This means that you should leave the household and, if possible, stay on bed rest. In this way, you will spare your body and give it the opportunity to use its strength to fight the infection. This way you will quickly get rid of the sore throat and leave the cold behind.

Can I Take Medication During Pregnancy?

If you are affected by a cold during pregnancy, the most sparing use of medicines applies, ideal are sore throat home remedies to get rid of the sore throat quickly.

The careless use of medications that usually help you with a cold should be avoided when you have a sore throat during pregnancy. Because many of the drugs that you otherwise take to get rid of the sore throat quickly are not allowed in pregnancy without further ado.

These include, for example, the commonly used ibuprofen and numerous throat lozenges. In general, caution is advised with medications in the first trimester of pregnancy. Your doctor can tell you exactly which medicines you can use to get rid of sore throats quickly and which sore throat home remedies are suitable.

Get A Clarification Of Persistent Sore Throat During Pregnancy

You feel tired and weary, the sore throat has been with you for days and despite taking it easy you still don’t feel any better? Then you should still go to the doctor to be on the safe side and get rid of the sore throat quickly.

Especially if symptoms such as high fever are added, you should be on the safe side. Even if it is not common, diseases such as toxoplasmosis infection during pregnancy can be accompanied by these symptoms, which are more reminiscent of flu symptoms.

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In this case, there is actually danger for your baby and you. Therefore, if you suspect it, you better go to the doctor once too often.

Do Home Remedies Help With Sore Throat During Pregnancy?

Is the sore throat just the beginning of a full-blown cold during pregnancy? Or is the scratchy throat gone as quickly as it came? Even with a sore throat during pregnancy, you may not know right away.

If you feel tired and at the same time already have the first sore throat, you should drink plenty of fluids and give yourself a rest. Sore throat home remedies, such as sugar-free lozenges from the pharmacy can help you easily and without harmful active ingredients to keep your mucous membranes moist when you have a sore throat when swallowing.

The following home remedies are also recommended during pregnancy to get rid of sore throats quickly.

Sage Tea

Admittedly, sage tea is not a favorite on the tea shelf in terms of taste, but it is unbeatable against sore throats and is the first-choice sore throat home remedy.

Let a strong sage tea steep for at least fifteen minutes, then use it to gargle. Due to its pain-relieving, slightly antibiotic effect, it helps with a sore throat when swallowing. For the best effect, you should gargle with sage tea every one to two hours.

Salt Water

Similar to sage tea, saltwater also works against bacteria and pain. With half a teaspoon in a glass of lukewarm water, you are optimally equipped to combat sore throats during pregnancy with gargling.

Further Gentle Help Against Sore Throat In Pregnancy

Hot Lemon

The classic hot lemon is also ideal for sore throats during pregnancy. For this, you take the ideally freshly squeezed juice of a lemon and mix it with hot water. The vitamin C it contains will help your body get healthy again.

Ginger With Apple Cider Vinegar

Both ginger and apple cider vinegar have a disinfecting effect, so they can help relieve a sore throat when you have a cold during pregnancy. You can use apple cider vinegar to gargle several times a day. Ginger, on the other hand, is used to preparing a tea.

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For this purpose, the ginger is chopped and infused like a tea. This ginger tea can then either be drunk or used as a sore throat home remedy for gargling.


You can also take homeopathic remedies against the annoying cold during pregnancy. These are usually well tolerated by mother and child, but you should always consult a homeopathically trained midwife to choose the right remedy.

When Should You Go To The Doctor?

Is your sore throat during pregnancy caused by allergens to which you react more strongly than usual? Or do you suspect that you have been affected by an allergic reaction of your respiratory tract for the first time during your pregnancy?

Then you should have this clarified by a doctor to get the right treatment for your baby and you. Because sore throat home remedies have no effect against such a reaction.

If you already know which allergy you have, you should still consult your doctor before taking your medication. Not all medications are safe to take during pregnancy.

Antibiotics For Sore Throats During Pregnancy: Can I Take Them?

If you want to get rid of the sore throat quickly, but all sore throat home remedies do not help, a trip to the doctor is indicated. Behind the sore throat when swallowing and the scratching in the throat can also be tonsillitis during pregnancy, In this case, it may be necessary to take antibiotics.

Even if you would like to avoid medication during pregnancy as much as possible, you should not refuse to take antibiotics in this case. The bacterially caused tonsillitis can be much better tolerated with antibiotics in just a few hours.

Apart from this, very well-tolerated antibiotics are available for use in pregnancy. Here, the benefit of relieving the body of the infection clearly outweighs not taking the medication.

If your fever lasts longer than two days, you should see the doctor, even if you suffer primarily only from sore throat in pregnancy.

Preventing Sore Throats During Pregnancy

Just like during the cold season, you should also take care during pregnancy to minimize the risk factors for a flu-like infection. As usual, you can specifically prevent a cold during pregnancy.

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Drink Enough

During pregnancy, you should pay special attention to the amount you drink every day. In order for your body to be able to carry out all processes smoothly, it needs sufficient water.

Suitable drinks during pregnancy are water, but also fruit teas, and some herbal teas. With at least 1.5 to 2 liters per day, you are doing something good for your baby and yourself and helping your immune system to keep cold germs at bay.

Avoid Stress

As usual, a lot of stress during pregnancy is harmful to your body. Especially the immune system is affected. That’s reason enough to shift down a gear during pregnancy and allow yourself an extra portion of rest.

This will also protect you and your baby from the risk of catching a cold.

Further Preventive Measures Against Infections During Pregnancy


If your pregnancy progresses without complications, you can get your doctor’s OK for light exercise. Exercise also boosts your immune system during pregnancy and helps you avoid a scratchy throat.

Long walks in the fresh air are enough to achieve the desired effect.

Healthy Diet

With a healthy and balanced diet, you give your baby everything it needs to develop optimally. A healthy diet also plays an important role for your immune system.

With plenty of fruit and vegetables, you can ensure a diet rich in vitamins, which will optimally support your immune system and significantly reduce your susceptibility to colds.

Avoid Sick People

Of course, during pregnancy you should avoid contact with people who already have a cold themselves. This is because flu infections, which lead to the annoying sore throat when you swallow, are transmitted by droplet infection or as a smear infection on shared objects.

Sore Throat During Pregnancy – Annoying But Treatable

Usually, you will get rid of the sore throat quickly and be fit again after one to one and a half weeks. With any of the sore throat home remedies listed here, you are on the safe side for a sore throat to provide some relief.

If you are not sure what is right for you and your baby, you should ask your doctor for advice.

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