Sounding And Special: Beautiful Girls’ Names For Your Child

Deciding on a girl’s name is not that easy. Should it be a popular first name for girls or rather an unusual variant that radiates something very special? Many parents find it difficult to decide because the child will bear this name for the rest of his or her life.

You are looking for a beautiful girl’s name for your baby or want to get information about the meaning of a first name? Read more about the most popular female names of recent years and what they mean.

In this article, you will find the advantages and disadvantages of different girls’ names and get inspiration for classic and unusual variants right away.

The Classics: You Should Know These Popular Girls’ Names

For years, girls’ names with the initial letter “L” have dominated the hit lists for first names. Right at the top: Laura, Lina/Lena, and Lea. But the classics Emma, Sophie, and Anna are also popular choices among parents.

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The advantage of classic names is that they are usually easy to pronounce and write. If the names are known in your region, no one will ask twice what your child’s name is. This makes communication with others easier, especially for children who are not yet able to pronounce their names correctly.

Classical names have been common again for some time, so you should also consider whether a female name from your family might come into question. Is there a grandmother or other relative whose name you find particularly beautiful?

Maybe her first name is a good match for the family name and thus also for your baby! Johanna, Greta, and Sarah are always in the charts for the most popular girls’ names. Maria, Marlene, and Charlotte are also just as popular today as they were decades ago.

In most cases, the most popular female names are associated with special meanings that are desired for or attributed to the child. But what meanings do the most popular girls’ names have? Three tips for beautiful girls’ names that are both classic and popular.

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Emma is probably the epitome of a classic first name for girls and was already popular at the end of the 19th century. The name comes from Old High German and stands for “all-encompassing” or “great”. A reference to the busy bee (“Imme”) is also popular.


Mia is comparatively new among popular female call names. As a short form of Maria, it has become increasingly established since the 1990s. Maria is a biblical name and is in turn derived from Mirjam, which means “the unruly one” or “the untamed one”. Mia is often chosen in combination with a middle name.


The name Hannah, also known by the spelling Hanna, comes from the Bible and describes “the graceful one”. Likewise, it can stand as a short form for Johanna. Parents like to choose this name because it is memorable and sounds very feminine.

The Unusual Ones: Are These Rare First Names Something For You?

If you want to choose a rare girl’s name, choose it wisely. Also, consider how often your child may have to spell her name later. Also, mispronunciation of one’s name can annoy children from school onwards at the latest. But among the rare call names for girls, there are many particularly beautiful meanings and melodious variants.

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Scandinavian call names, but also names from the Greek or Arabic regions often have beautiful meanings and can be combined well with different surnames. The advantage of rare call names is that there is rarely confusion within the kindergarten or school.

If your child has an unusual name, he or she will always associate something special with it. But which rare variants are there and what is their name meaning? Three tips for beautiful girls’ names that are both special and melodious.


Kaia stands for “the pure one” in Greek and could become a trendy name for the next few years. Despite its unusual sound, the name, which is also short for Katharina, fits in with many family names from the German-speaking world.


In Scandinavian, Smilla is a popular girl’s name because it means “the smiling one”. In this country, it is rather rare and is, therefore, a good choice if you are looking for a female call name that not every child carries. Nevertheless, the name Smilla is easy to remember and pronounce.

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Ylvie or Ylvi has a very special name meaning: If you name your girl this way, you have a “little she-wolf” at home. This unusual girl’s name has been on the rise for several years.

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