My Favorite Stocking Stuffers For A Newborn

Christmas is such a special time. When my kids were born, I wanted to jump into all the best parts of mommyhood I had been looking forward to – like Christmas stockings. But with a newborn or a baby, the big question was – what is a good stocking stuffer for a newborn? Everything I could think of was better suited to older kids. I was left with “stuffed animals.” And I’m sorry, but I kind of hate stuffed animals. They’re a useless toy, they just sit there.

Newborn Stocking Stuffers Under $25

My Favorite Stocking Stuffers For A Newborn

Luckily for you, I’m on kid three right now and I can share these great stocking stuffer ideas. They are perfect for newborns, none of them are stuffed animals, and together they are under $25.

Wrist Rattles

These are great changing table toys. My kids are always reaching around and simply terrifying me when there is a poopy diaper. Heaven forbid they grab it and toss it or stick their foot in it. Gross! Wrist rattles stay put (mostly) on their wrist, and keep them occupied while you clean them up.

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I purchased the giveaway set in my local Walmart, but it seems to be out of stock now. This set is similar and it’s also gender neutral. Or this one is super cute for a girl.

Colorful Rattle

My kids love these colorful barbell rattles. They’re not too obnoxiously noisy, but the little ones love to wave them around. My babies loved to lay on the play mat and wave these over their faces. They could watch the light shine off the rattles inside.

Amazon has this barbell rattle similar to the one I am giving away. Neutral colors are best, so you can hand them down to the next kid.

Clip On Toy

Ok, you NEED at least one clip on toy. I mean, your baby needs it. A lot of things like baby chairs and playmats have little loops that you can clip a toy onto with the plastic ring. I loooove those plastic rings. I unclip and clip my baby’s toys onto everything I can – straps on his highchair, straps on the grocery cart, straps on his carseat, the handle of the carseat, my purse strap, the play mat, clipping other toys together to make a chain, etc. They are so extremely useful.

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Baby Crinkle Book

A little mini crinkle book makes the perfect stocking stuffer. They are usually only a dollar or two. My kids love to touch them and hear that crinkle noise. My son also loves this crinkle Elephant teether toy. I don’t know what it is about that crinkle stuff (I’m really not even sure what it is), but babies seem to love it. So get your baby something crinkly for their stocking.

Soft Rattle Toy

This is as close to a stuffed animal as this list is going to get. But it actually does something, so it’s ok in my book. Sometimes babies don’t know their own strength and like to throw things around. Sometimes those things hit the baby or the people around them. My son has a rattle right now that is from one of his older sisters musical instrument sets – he loves it, but it is heavy and plastic and I am worried he’s gonna whap himself on the head.

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So a soft rattle like this one or even this one would be perfect so he can rattle to himself all he wants without fear of injuring anyone.

Pacifier Stuffed Animal

This is another stuffed animal-like thing that actually has a use I can support. My kids never used these, but I know a lot of kids do. It’s like a little lovey attached to a pacifier, so they can hold it and cuddle and soothe themselves. There is a name brand called Wubbanub (I just love saying that), or there are other non-name brands.

I love this one because it’s kind of Christmas-y since it’s a Reindeer or this little lamb one is super cute too. They come with a pacifier but it’s removable so you can clip on your own as long as it has a handle.

What is your favorite newborn stocking stuffer? Let me know in the comments.

Newborn Stocking Stuffers Giveaway! – The contest has ended

Winner has been chosen – Congratulations Lisa!

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What’s included:

Bright Starts Wrist Rattle, Bright Starts Take’n Shake, Bright Starts Rattle and Shake Barbell, Bright Starts Cozy Coos, Bright Starts stuffed rattle, and Bright Starts mini crinkle book. Retail Value: Approximately $23



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