Stress Among Children And Adolescents Continues To Increase

Researchers have now discovered that children and young people in Germany are becoming increasingly stressed. One in six children is now affected, and their daily schedules are full.

More And More Children Suffer From High Stress

In Germany, every sixth child and every fifth teenager suffers from too much stress. In a study conducted in April 2016, researchers at the University of Bielefeld found that more and more appointments are giving children and teens a hard time. In addition to school, there are other appointments waiting in the afternoon. It goes to sports training, music lessons or many other activities. These appointments are not always voluntary but are controlled by the parents. However, the children and young people themselves suffer from this pressure of appointments and feel a kind of compulsion.

Tasks Of The Parents Are Taken Over

However, stress is also caused by tasks that children and young people take over from their parents. Since parents often work all day, children have to look after their younger siblings, go shopping or clean up at home, to name just a few examples. Not every child can easily cope with this stress. As a result, many children quickly become angry, sleep poorly, academic performance declines, and children get sick much faster than other children who have less stress.

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What Can You Do About It?

Many parents don’t even know that they are overtaxing their children and that the children are suffering as a result. Often the children remain silent and do not tell their parents that everything is getting too much for them. But this is exactly wrong. If you feel that there are too many tasks waiting for you, talk to your parents about it. Tell them openly and honestly that everything is too much for you and that you would like to have more time for yourself. Time to play with your friends, or just time to relax. But please don’t keep quiet……

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