Stroller Comparison. Ten Tips For A Needs-based Purchase Decision

Buying a new stroller is probably one of the biggest decisions that new parents have to make, because: Together with the seat for the car, the stroller is definitely a purchase that should already be in the house when the offspring moves in. Current models can be found on the website. The following ten tips reveal what is important when buying a stroller.

Figure 1: A suitable stroller is needed so that your offspring can get regular fresh air right from birth.

1.) Combi Strollers Offer Several Advantages

Combination strollers are models that are suitable for both newborn babies (who then lie in the carrycot) and toddlers, who can satisfy their curiosity while sitting in the stroller attachment. The vast majority of strollers are equipped with these two variants, unless they are particularly fancy retro models. If you have to buy the complete first equipment and therefore do not yet have a baby seat, you are well advised to buy a stroller including a baby seat. Who buys a combination stroller without baby shell, should rely on an adapter. This makes it easy to place the baby in the infant carrier on the mobile frame of the stroller.

2.)Easy Pushing Is Possible With Pneumatic Tires

Especially the gentlemen usually risk a look at the tires of the baby vehicle. Plastic tires usually quickly fall through the cracks because their quality is not very good. The decision between pneumatic tires and solid or hard rubber tires is made with a view to the terrain on which the vehicle will be driven: Pneumatic tires are particularly easy to push, but are more susceptible and tend to have a flat more often than solid or hard rubber tires. These are exceedingly sturdy, but the suspension on gravel paths is not very caring for babies’ backs.

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3.)Even In A Stroller, The Key Is To Wear A Seat Belt!

Even if no thought is usually wasted on the stroller when the baby is asleep, it will come sooner than you think. And that means that you should think about securing your baby in the stroller as early as possible. A distinction is made between 5-point, 4-point and 3-point harnesses, with each point providing one point more safety.

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3-point harnesses are like seat belts in a car. They run across the shoulder and along the pelvis. A 4-point harness has two shoulder belts in addition to a lap belt. In the 5-point belt system, there is also a belt that prevents the child from slipping out downwards. Incidentally, the belt system is not only interesting with regard to the stroller, but also in the car. The relevant information material is available at

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4.) Comfort Factors For Babies

Some factors provide the baby with a lot of comfort in the stroller. One of these is the variable seat direction. In the beginning, the baby can still look in the direction of mom or dad. As the baby grows, the push handle is turned and the toddler can look into the distance. An adjustable canopy and an adjustable lying surface ensure that the child lies particularly comfortably, depending on whether it is asleep or awake, and also sees sometimes more and sometimes less of the environment and especially of the sky. Using a sunshade holder from the manufacturer is a good idea. Alternatives are rather not advisable. Most of the time, the holder then does not fit optimally.

5.) Comfort Factors For Parents

Of course, it also makes sense to pay attention to practical factors for parents. An adjustable handle minimizes back pain and a parking brake ensures that the stroller stands securely. If there is the diaper bag directly on top, this definitely has advantages, because these can usually be easily attached to the stroller.

Figure 2: When choosing a stroller, there are criteria from the baby’s point of view and from the parents’ point of view.

6.) Practical Details: Washable Cover And Undercarriage Pocket

A washable cover is not just a good-sounding advertising promise, but an important purchase criterion, because stains on the cover are bound to occur at the latest when the offspring is being driven around eating in the stroller. Having to take it to the cleaners every time would not only be impractical, but also very costly and time-consuming.

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Another practical detail are so-called undercarriage pockets. Most parents don’t just walk around aimlessly, but combine the walk with a shopping trip or can store things in the undercarry bag that won’t fit in the diaper bag later. Tip: For sand toys there is the right place. Ideally, the walk shakes the sand residue right out of the toys.

7.) The Winter Footmuff May Also Already Warm The Baby

Usually, the winter footmuff is purchased when winter is approaching and the toddler is already in the stroller. However, the footmuff is also a useful detail in the baby tub. Most of them can be adapted to the baby bath and ensure that the baby is comfortably warm, while the little nose is supplied with good fresh air.

Tip: The footmuff may therefore be ordered directly with the baby bath.

8.) With The Dimensions The Folded Size Is Crucial

If you don’t drive a station wagon or a car with a large trunk, you should take a look at the dimensions of the stroller when folded. These dimensions are decisive for whether the stroller fits in the trunk and thus offers the chance to go for a walk not only at home, but also elsewhere.

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Note: The weight of the stroller should also be manageable. Parents should rather save their muscle power for the offspring. If the frame is made of aluminum, this makes a stroller particularly light.

9.) Consider Family Planning

If you know before the arrival of the first baby that more children will soon follow, you should consider this when choosing a stroller. If baby number 2 is planned quite quickly, it may be worth considering purchasing a sibling stroller. If some time may pass between the children, it would also be conceivable to use a board on which the first child can stand while the second baby sleeps in the infant carrier.

10.) Test Accessories With A View To Practical Relevance

A rain cover and mosquito net are two important details that, above all, provide the greatest possible flexibility – regardless of wind and weather or a plague of mosquitoes. However, whether the stroller has a play board or not is rather secondary in practice. The important thing is that there is a way to connect toys to the stroller so tightly that the child can not throw them out of the car. Otherwise, in case of doubt, the parents will not move a meter, but will only be busy to collect all the toys again.

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