Sugar Is The Favorite Of Bacteria

I’m sure you’re one of those kids who loves to snack. Chocolate, sweets, and all the rest. But lemonade also has a lot of sugar, as does cocoa in the morning. But not only do children have a sweet tooth, but many adults also like sweet things.

The Bacteria Are Happy

The more sweets are eaten or drunk, the more certain bacteria rejoice Bacteria. These are the bacteria that are mainly found in the mouth of humans. But they are so small that you can’t even see them with your eyes. But they are dangerous because they can cause a lot of problems for children and adults. These bacteria cause Caries.

A Paradise For Bacteria

These bacteria, which cause tooth decay, love sugar. And when they absorb this sugar, they form acids. And it is precisely these acids that attack the teeth, dissolve important substances from the tooth and ensure that you then get holes in the tooth. I’m sure one or two of you know this too. It’s not so tiny, because the dentist drills and has to close the hole again. To prevent this, you should not eat too many sweets and in any case, always brush your teeth thoroughly and several times a day.

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Explanation Of The Difficult Words:

Bacteria occur in various external forms. Bacteria are not visible to the human eye. In the mouth of a person live a total of about 1 trillion bacteria.

As Caries is a disease of the hard tissues of the teeth – enamel and dentin. Caries gradually destroy teeth in humans if nothing is done about it. Especially too many sweets are most often to blame for tooth decay.

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