Summer Babysitting Activity Pack – ABCs Theme

Welcome to week 1 of Summer Babysitting Activity Packs! This week’s theme is ABCs. I am creating a fun summer activity pack each week, for you to use with your kids or hand over to your babysitter to keep the kids occupied this summer. They are suggested for preschool-ish aged kids (age 3-6).

Summer Babysitting Activity Pack - ABCs Theme

Finding a reliable babysitter isn’t easy. You can use word of mouth, and also something like lets you request background checks and look at reviews. You can even pay them from the site.

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Activity Packs will be posted weekly and each one includes:

  • ABC Mouse
  • Netflix Suggestions
  • Free Printables – at least 5 free printables
  • A list of books
  • An outdoor activity
  • A board game
  • Teaching a chore
  • A fun snack

I honestly am creating this list to use for my own kids this summer and wanted to share what I found.

Summer Babysitting Activity Pack – ABCs Theme

ABC Mouse

We just signed up for a free month of to continue learning this summer with short online lessons and videos.

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  • Leapfrog: The Amazing Alphabet Amusement Park (episode)
  • SuperWhy (series)
  • Word Party (series)

Free Printables

Alphabet Bracelets

My ABC’s of Summer

Gratitude ABCs

ABC Letter Find

Alphabet Lego Cards

Real Books

 Wipe Clean: Letters Eating the Alphabet ABC for Me: ABC Yoga Sticker Activity ABC

Outdoor activity

My kids and I did did an ABC outdoor activity last summer. All you need is some concrete and chalk!

ABC Chalk Activity for Preschoolers

Board Game

 Super Why ABC Letter Game

Teach a chore

I don’t know about your kids, but mine can completely cover a room in toys in less than an hour. I let them do whatever they want for a while and then we clean up all at once sometimes we have to do this a few times a day. Sometimes, we just clean up at the end of the day.

Here’s a fun cleaning activity. It will teach them to clean up after themselves and also practice their ABCs.

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Tell the kids to put away a toy that starts with the letter A, and then letter B, all the way through the alphabet. If they need to skip a letter just ask them to name something that starts with that letter.

Fun snack

These ABC sugar cookies are so much fun! You can even simplify it by using the pre-made cookie dough from the refrigerated section of the grocery store. Have the kids write the letters out themselves for some fun practice! Check them out here:

ABC cookies

Do you have any fun ABC activities to add to the list?

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