Does Supplementary Dental Insurance For Children Make Sense?

Protecting teeth plays an important role, especially for children, so many parents consider taking out supplementary dental insurance. Orthodontic treatment in particular can be very cost-intensive and only a fraction of the costs are covered by statutory health insurance.

In today’s article, we tell you whether supplementary dental insurance makes sense for your child and which additional benefits you can benefit from.

Statutory Health Insurance Only Covers Standard Care

As a rule, malocclusions become noticeable between the ages of eight and ten, in which case children are often advised to undergo orthodontic treatment.

It is true that orthodontic measures at this age are part of the basic benefits provided by the statutory health insurance funds. However, the full costs of this complex treatment are not covered. Moreover, the standard benefits of the statutory health insurers only apply if there is also a medical necessity for braces.

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Furthermore, the orthodontic indication groups (KIG levels) are used as a guideline for assessing the severity of the existing malocclusion. For example, the costs are only covered on a pro rata basis if the malocclusion is of moderate to severe severity (KIG levels 3 to 5).

In this case, the statutory health insurance will cover up to eighty percent of the costs incurred, provided that a cost-effective procedure is selected that is adequate for the purpose of treatment.

If your child only has a slight malocclusion of KIG levels 1 to 2, all treatment costs must be paid out of pocket.

The range of benefits provided by the statutory health insurance fund therefore has clear limits, so that taking out supplementary dental insurance will pay off for you and your child in any case.

Supplementary Dental Insurance Offers Your Child Special Benefits

Almost sixty percent of all children develop a malocclusion that requires treatment by an orthodontist. By taking out supplementary dental insurance for children, you not only avoid the cost of treatment for slight malocclusions, but also the deductible for KIG levels 3 to 5.

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Since the costs for braces can sometimes run into four to five figures, you should pay attention to the highest possible reimbursement rate when choosing supplementary dental insurance.

In principle, your child will benefit from a variety of attractive special benefits with supplementary dental insurance, which are primarily aimed at effective and pain-free treatment. These special additional benefits include, for example, transparent and internal braces, mini brackets for faster treatment success and tooth stabilizers that support the therapy.

Furthermore, professional dental cleanings, protective sealants as well as high-quality ceramic fillings are part of the range of benefits offered by private supplementary dental insurances. Since dental prostheses for children and adolescents play a rather secondary role, you should primarily pay attention to the benefits in the area of orthodontics when choosing supplementary dental insurance.

These Costs Of A Dental Supplementary Insurance

The cost of supplementary dental insurance for children depends on the selected benefits, the deductible, and the age of the child. Thus, for a monthly price of ten to twenty euros, you are already offered a very good range of benefits by the insurance companies.

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We recommend that you take a close look at the rate details before taking out the policy and, if in doubt, invest a little more money. You can find out the best supplementary dental insurance for you at

As a rule, supplementary dental insurance should be taken out between the child’s second and fourth years of life. At this point, you should take into account that in the first three to five years after taking out the insurance, the treatment costs are not fully covered and the deductible is, therefore, higher.

In addition, costs are only covered if orthodontic treatment is not foreseeable at the time the supplementary dental insurance policy is taken out. In order to take full advantage of all special benefits, the contract should therefore be concluded as early as possible.

Conclusion: A Precise Comparison Of Rates Is Worthwhile

To ensure your child’s dental health, it pays to take out supplementary dental insurance as early as possible. In order for your child to benefit from the most efficient treatment methods possible, it is always necessary to take a look at the provider’s benefits catalog.

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Therefore, a comprehensive comparison is worthwhile so that you can find exactly the tariff that fits the needs of your child.

FAQ On Supplementary Dental Insurance For Children

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