Tap Water Not Worse Than Mineral Water

What do you think? Is Tap water better or mineral water? Somewhat surprisingly for many, experts have now concluded that mineral water is no better than ordinary tap water.

Test Of 30 Mineral Waters

For their test, the experts examined 30 different mineral glasses of water, plus ordinary tap water from 28 cities in Germany. They found that still mineral water, i.e. water without carbon dioxide, does not contain more minerals than normal tap water in most cases. And in some bottles they even discovered germs.

You Can Save A Lot Of Money

The experts have come to the conclusion that you can save quite a bit of money. Instead of buying expensive mineral water, it is much better to drink the water from the tap. This is not dangerous at all, because tap water is quite strictly controlled and is absolutely clean. So you can quietly turn on the tap at home and drink this water when you are thirsty. However, it must be noted that the water pipes must be in order.

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Explanation Of The Difficult Words

Tap water is the water that comes out of the tap at home, for example in the bathroom or kitchen. One speaks here also of drinking water. In Germany, there is even a law that regulates the cleanliness of the water. This law is called the Drinking Water Ordinance. The Drinking Water Ordinance stipulates that the drinking water must be flawless not only at the point of transfer into the house but also in the drinking water installation all the way to the faucet.

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