That Is Why A High Chair Is So Important For Your Child

A High chair can have many benefits for your child. A baby and High chair is not only a place to sit but also fulfills a special function in the family. What you should look for in a high chair and which different types of high chairs there are, you can learn in this article in this article.

Why Does Your Child Need A High Chair?

As a rule, a lot of time is spent at the dining table. During meals, all family members gather to eat and talk together. The dining table is also often the place of choice for cozy get-togethers or plays and crafts.

With a high chair, your child can be present at meals together from the very beginning. With a suitable high chair, you can make it easier for your child to sit right from the start and make it easier for you to feed your child. When eating at the table, your child is at your eye level.

The baby and child high chair relieves you of some of the work and ensures less unnecessary extra stress. A high chair can be a real relief for you because carrying your child all the time can become exhausting after a while. Your child and you also get the necessary freedom of movement.

Your child can participate in social events. The high chair allows your child to observe the colorful happenings in the environment from above. It expresses its joy with loud screeching, happy babbling, or wild stomping.

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The high chair is a good investment because you can use it for several years. Your child can have fun with a high chair while eating as well as playing.

High Chair: What Types Are There?

The equipment and design of high chairs are very diverse and available in all price Price categories. Occasionally, there are high chairs that can be assigned to one or more several categories. You can distinguish these by the Following product variants.

Stair High Chair

The stair high chair is one of the classics among high chairs. Due to the stair-like construction, it also promotes the independence of your child. It is usually made of sturdy wood and can be used for a long time. It is used from the first sitting and can be adapted to the growth of your child.

The stair high chair adapts to any table and usually consists of a seating area and a separate foot section. Since the seats of the high chair are very wide, it should be supplemented with a seat reducer for babies. With some models, you can also mount a separate table board. This means that the high chair can also be used as a separate dining and play area.

2 in 1 Combination High Chair

The combination high chair consists of two separate elements and fulfills two functions in one. You can put the small high chair with a removable tray and the separate children’s table together so that your child sits elevated. The high chair can be used either at the table or with its own tabletop. Combination high chairs are only suitable for children who can sit independently. For babies, therefore, there are additional conversion elements.

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You should pay attention when choosing that this type of high chair is very chunky due to the table, so it will take up a lot of space. Also, you can’t vary the height of this type of high chair. The combination high chair has a relatively narrow and limited seating area. Therefore, when your child grows up, it can quickly become cramped. For later years, however, the high chair is suitable as an addition to the nursery. Your child can use the table while painting, crafting, or kneading.

Multifunctional High Chair

The multifunctional high chair is a practical all-rounder. It offers a reclining function for babies and a seating option for an older child. This high chair accompanies your child from birth. It consists mostly of your material mix of plastic and aluminum. The multifunctional high chair is available in many designs. In addition, it has little dead weight and you can easily clean it.

With the multifunctional high chair, you get everything your child and you need. Be it the various features, such as a large tabletop, play arches, or an optimal storage option. However, when choosing this high chair, make sure that it can no longer support your child above a certain weight. Softeners can also be a problem with plastics and seat padding.

Mobile High Chair

A mobile high chair is especially good for home or travel. You can downsize or fold this type of high chair. In addition, the mobile high chair takes up little space and is easy to transport and quick to assemble. You can get this type of high chair in different models, such as wood or lightweight aluminum. It has extended legs and a plain seat.

Since the mobile high chair has a few additional features, you can use it only from a certain age of the child. If you travel a lot, this high chair is a good addition. However, it is not recommended for daily use at home.

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What Materials Is A High Chair Made Of?

A high chair can be made of wood or plastic, in combination with metal, preferably aluminum.


A high chair made of, for example, sustainably grown beech wood is a stable companion and tilt-resistant. In addition, the material has a warm effect and is available in various colors. As a rule, stair high chairs are made entirely of wood, and combination high chairs are largely made of wood.

The wooden high chair can be easily cleaned of Food residues, but the high chair is more susceptible to scratches. You be careful when cleaning and do not use anything abrasive.


The multifunctional high chair is often made of this material. Elements of the seats and the attachable table can be molded from this material. Plastic high chairs are lightweight and easy to clean. However, you should always ask yourself about harmful substances and plasticizers when using plastic. Especially since a high chair made of plastic is no longer stable enough once it reaches a certain weight.

High Chair: When Can A High Chair Accompany Your Child?

The high chair is usable as soon as your baby can sit upright and alone. This should be the case between the sixth and ninth months of life. If your child does not yet have this ability, you should wait a little longer before buying a high chair. Since the small spine and muscles in the back do not yet have the necessary strength to sit.

From 6 months, the age of feeding, a lot of patience and perseverance are required. Until the first spoonful of porridge remains in the mouth, it can usually take a long time.

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What Should You Look For In A High Chair?

The high chair will be a constant companion for years and will be used several times a day. For this reason, you should make sure that it is practical and safe. You can get the high chair in many different designs. In addition, there are high chairs with different functions and different materials.

You should get good advice when buying a baby and child high chair. Tests and comparisons of high chairs can inform you about which high chair is well suited for your child. When choosing the right high chair, also depends on your personal needs.

In addition, you should pay attention to the safety of a baby and child high chair. An important safety accessory is the safety harness. You should use this at every meal, otherwise, your child may climb out and injure himself because of the large distance between the bar and the seat. The elevated position can cause risks, so don’t leave your child unattended.

What Is The Most Important Thing When Buying A High Chair?

It is important that you do not always rely on the manufacturer’s specifications when buying a high chair. Your child should be allowed to sit in the high chair when he or she can sit independently without help. This is the only way to avoid late effects such as back problems or posture problems. Safety precautions such as the restraining belt or the front bar can be omitted from a certain age. When buying a high chair, make sure that it fits your child.


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