The Best Apps For Young Children And Students

Children are being introduced to smartphones at an ever earlier age and are discovering numerous apps and learning games for themselves. Especially in times of homeschooling, smart learning apps are becoming increasingly important. In today’s article, we’ll introduce you to the best apps for young and older children and tell you how they can enrich your offspring’s everyday life.

“Toca Pet Doctor” And “Toca Kitchen” – Ideal For The Youngest Kids

The games company Toca has specialized in the development of imaginative games for children and provides your child with a variety of exciting apps. In “Toca Pet Doctor”, for example, your offspring can take on the role of a vet and treat injured animals in a fun way.

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With “Toca Kitchen 2”, kids can put their virtual cooking skills to the test and serve self-created menus to various guests. They have to chop, cook, bake and refine meat, fish, vegetables and fruit with tasty spices.

Finally, the tasted dishes are judged by the hungry guests with either a satisfied burp or a critical look. The child-friendly apps are provided free of charge by Toca and can be downloaded from the App Store.

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“Anton” – The Smart E-learning App With Reward System

If you are looking for a smart learning platform for your child, then you are very well advised with the e-learning app “Anton”. The application teaches the learning material for the first to tenth grade and covers the subjects German, math, music and science. Thanks to the age-appropriate learning games, first graders can practice pronouncing individual letters, for example, while older students can devote themselves to solving complex math problems.

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For each successfully completed task, the children receive virtual coins that can be used to unlock the app’s mini-games. This intelligent reward system teaches kids that learning always comes first. Teachers can also use the app and post prepared learning tasks on a digital bulletin board.

In addition, teachers can create entire classes and invite their students using a code. There’s no question that the “Anton” app takes e-learning to a whole new level and demonstrably facilitates homeschooling in times of corona crisis. Since the app is sponsored by the European Union, children and teachers can use it completely free of charge.

“Scoolio” – A Comprehensive Learning App For All Ages

“Scoolio” also joins the ranks of smart learning apps. Children can organize their school day even more efficiently with “Scoolio” as well as exchange information with other students in a targeted manner. For example, the app has a practical class chat function and a virtual timetable with a reminder function.

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Via the main menu, your child can create his or her personal timetable including room number and teacher as well as record lesson and break times in detail. Furthermore, children can use the app to search for a tutoring partner, determine their grade point average, and exchange their books online. In their free time, “Scoolio” can also be used for private exchanges and to search for old school friends.

In order for older students to fully benefit from “Scoolio” as well, the app provides users with a variety of job ads for future education as well as internships. If you are looking for a comprehensive as well as free learning app for your child, you are very well advised with “Scoolio”.

Conclusion: Learning Apps Have Become Indispensable In Today’s Digital Age

In today’s digital age, apps are becoming increasingly important. In order to promote your child’s creativity and skills in the best possible way, it makes sense to use intelligent learning apps. We hope that your offspring will also enjoy the applications presented here and that learning at home will be made easier.

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