The Best Finger Games With Instructions

"They are fun, easy to implement and can be played in any place: Finger games for your baby. Human contact makes happy and strengthens the intelligence, motor skills and speech of your child. In addition, nothing more is needed for finger games than your own hands. Therefore, we have listed some of the most beautiful baby games here!

Baby Games: This Is The Thumb…

There are countless finger games for the baby, but this one is probably the most famous and popular. One after the other, the baby’s fingers are shaken, in order from the thumb to the little finger. At the same time, each sentence of the text is about a different finger.

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“This is the thumb. It shakes the plums. It picks them up. He carries them home. And the little one, he eats them all!”

Baby Games: The Little Snail

This finger game is based on the melody of the well-known nursery rhyme “Brother Jacob”, which you surely know. To this melody, the lyrics are sung while the fingers crawl up and down the baby’s body, tickling his tummy at the end.

“Little snail, little snail,
crawl up, crawl up,
crawl back down, crawl back down,
tickle your tummy, tickle your tummy.”

Baby Games: Once Upon A Time There Was A Little Man…

In this game, you let your fingers – mostly index and middle fingers – crawl over your baby’s body until the “little man” finds a hiding place. This can be, for example, the sleeve or neckline of the baby’s clothes. Meanwhile, the text is recited: “Once upon a time there was a little man who crawled into a little pot.”

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Finally, the “little man” leaves his hiding place again and crawls back. Finish reciting the text, “Then he crawled out again, and that was the end of the story.” At the end, you can tickle your baby a little to finish the game.

Baby Games: Here’s A Daler….

When it comes to finger games with your baby, this game is also very familiar. While reciting the words, keep stroking your baby’s palm as if you were putting a coin in it:

“Here’s a thaler, go to the market. Buy yourself a cow and a calf. The little calf has a tail, diddel diddel dänzchen!”

At the end of the finger play you tickle the hand of your baby. There are several variations, many parents still wiggle their baby’s finger at the mention of “little tail”.

Baby Games: Bear, Cat, Mouse And Flea

Like many baby finger games, this game introduces your baby to some animal names and their characteristics.

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Start with the bear: “First comes the bear, he goes very hard.” Touch your baby with your whole hand, word by word, imitating the bear’s heavy steps. Follow with the cat: “Then comes the cat with the soft paw.” Gently stroke your baby’s skin.

Now comes the little mouse: “There scurries a little mouse, looking for a little house.” Run your fingers quickly over your baby’s skin. Finally, name the flea: “Last, the flea hops – and pinches your bottom!” Tap your baby a little harder and pinch very lightly.

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