The Changing Mat – This Is What You Should Look For When Buying It

A changing mat provides your child with a special comfort. The changing mat lies on the changing table and is characterized by its softness and comfortable texture.

Your child lies safe, soft, and warm on the changing mat and therefore always combines the daily diaper change with something pleasant. The more comfortable your baby feels during diapering, the calmer the diapering process will be for mommy and daddy overall.

At the same time, it gives you and your baby more time to cuddle, play and cuddle. Learn more here.

Finding The Right Changing Mat With Changing Pad Cover

You have the option to choose between different changing table pads. Whether with or without a border, with ergonomic design or with a flat surface – there are almost no limits to the creativity of the manufacturers P.

In addition, you can buy changing pads that are provided with a special changing pad cover. Also with this product, you have the option to choose plain or colorful patterns. Most pads are offered individually, while others are available as a set, together with a changing pad cover.

Efficient Protection In Every Respect

A changing pad is not only a soft protection for your baby, but also the surface of the changing table is protected. Surely you have experienced it when changing your child: If the diaper is too full, then something can go wrong. Therefore, a protection of the changing table is indispensable.

Compared to a changing table, a changing pad is much easier to clean and more durable. Therefore, it should not be missing in the children’s or parents’ bedroom. Which changing mat is the right one for your little treasure and what you should consider when buying – this and more you will learn in this article.

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The Ideal Changing Mat For The Washing Machine

You can lay out a changing mat on different surfaces. For example, on a sturdy table, on a changing table or changing table, as well as on a washing machine.

In many households with children, a washing machine is located in the kitchen or utility room. The reason for this is that mothers and/or fathers are mainly on these premises to do the housework.

The Changing Table Pad – More Comfort And Flexibility

However, to ensure that they always have their baby within reach, they do not change their little bundle of joy exclusively in the nursery, but on the changing mat with hanging attachment on the washing machine.

Therefore, such a solution simply offers mothers and fathers in the household more flexibility when changing diapers. No matter where you want to use the changing mat: the quality should be right – and you should also consider these factors.

What A Changing Mat Should Be Able To Fo

  • Your baby must lie comfortably and safely on a changing mat.
  • The quality of the changing mat should be gentle on the back.
  • The changing pad should match the size of the changing table or dresser, otherwise it may slip.
  • A changing table pad should be easy to care for and easy to clean or wipe clean.
  • It is important that the material is free of harmful substances.
  • A changing mat with a raised edge provides additional safety.
  • A changing table pad should be neither too hard nor too soft.
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Modern changing table pads must rest firmly and securely on the surface of the base. The underside of the changing pad should be such that it cannot slide back and forth.

This would possibly jeopardize the safety of the child. This is because most babies literally move “hands and feet” on their pad. If the pad moves or slides with them, this poses a real risk.

When buying a changing mat, make sure that the underside is non-slip. Alternatively, we recommend changing pads that are equipped with Velcro fasteners. With this, you can fix the pad to the changing table and thus offer your child optimal safety.


If you decide on a changing mat that is not equipped with a Velcro strip or fastener, you can be active yourself. You only need to attach one part of the Velcro to the pad. The other part is carefully attached to the changing table, and the changing mat already offers greater stability.

The Different Types Of Changing Pads

There are changing pads, which can be placed on changing tables of smaller size, called changing troughs. Moreover, they are suitable for placing on a washing machine or dryer.

Because these household appliances are also ideal for use as a changing table. Changing mats of this type are mostly wedge-shaped. They are made of durable, washable plastic and offer a very high overall flexibility.

The Most Common Materials For Changing Pads

A changing table pad can be made of high-quality plastic. These are primarily filled with a foam material or blended materials to keep the baby as soft as possible.

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The plastic surface is usually smooth and very soft. Moreover, it impresses with special robustness and resistance. However, it is also a fact that plastic usually feels cool and thus less pleasant on the baby’s skin.

A modern changing table pad is often also made of natural fibers such as cotton or organic cotton. High-quality models offer the advantage that no harmful substances are contained.

Because these are often triggers of allergies or diseases. Natural fibers offer the advantage that they are usually particularly cuddly and therefore provide a pleasant feeling on the skin.

A changing mat made of material blends also offers several advantages. For example, the natural fiber is bedded on a thin layer of synthetic material. In most cases, this is polyurethane (PU). This makes the changing mat wipeable, durable and cuddly at the same time.


A changing mat made of natural fibers is indeed very soft and extremely comfortable. However, if something goes wrong during diapering, the moisture is absorbed directly into the surface.

Simple wiping, as with the plastic cover, is therefore not possible. You must therefore remove the changing pad cover and wash it. Otherwise, odors could develop quickly.

If you want to buy a changing mat made of cotton or other natural materials, it is advisable to order two or more models. This way you always have a spare pad available just in case.

Filling materials can be cotton fabrics, foams, or polyester fleeces. The changing mat does not necessarily have to be thickly filled, but it is sufficient if it has a total height of about three to four centimeters.

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Of course, a changing mat made of natural fibers is much less likely to be contaminated with harmful substances than the plastic version. If you want to be on the safe side, look for appropriate seals of approval when buying a changing mat.

The Oeko-Tex Standard label or the seal of TÜV Rheinland are a guarantee that you are dealing with a high-quality and, above all, pollutant-free changing mat.

In addition to a normal changing mat at home, you should also have a changing mat that you can use on the go. Because especially when traveling or when you pay a visit to a loved one, often the first official act is to change the diapers.

A mobile changing mat also offers the comfort you want for your little treasure when changing diapers on the go. It can usually be folded or rolled up very easily – and unfolded with just a flick of the wrist if necessary.

A changing mat in this product category is also very easy to clean and can simply be wiped clean. In terms of hygiene, you do not have to compromise with such a changing mat. Make sure that a sore bottom is avoided for the baby.

The mobile changing mat can be laid out on changing tables at freeway service stations, on grandma’s sofa, on blankets, or on a bench. Lay your baby on it and change its diaper in no time. After that, you can put it in the stroller to sleep when it’s tired.


Even if you need to go quickly: Always keep your child’s safety and comfort in mind! Everything else can wait while you change the baby.


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