The Elbe Has Hardly Any Water Left

The water level in the Elbe continues to sink. Due to the heatwave and the lack of rain, the water level in the Elbe is currently only around 50 cm. Therefore, navigation had to be stopped completely.

Dresden In Particular Suffers

Especially the city of Dresden suffers from the low water level. Especially now at this time of year, many tourists are in the city and very many take a trip on the Elbe with an excursion steamer. But with the water level only 50 cm high, this is currently not possible and all ships have to stay on the shore. At this time of year, the level of the Elbe in Dresden is around 2 meters.

Other Rivers Also Have Very Little Water

But the Elbe is not the only river that has so little water. Especially in the federal state of Saxony, it is very bad at the moment because it is particularly hot here. In addition to the Elbe, Dresden also has the Prießnitz River, which has even dried up completely. As a child, you have to be especially careful in the forest because of this heatwave and the drought. There is now a great danger of forest fires and even a small spark can be enough to ignite a fire. You should also not throw away a glass bottle in the forest, because it can also ignite a fire. But this heat will certainly not last so long and then enough rain will fall again.

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Explanation Of The Difficult Words:

The Elbe is a Central European river that rises in the Czech Republic, flows through Germany, and empties into the North Sea. With a length of 1094 kilometers, the Elbe is the fourteenth longest river in Europe and is one of the 200 longest rivers on earth.

The federal-state Saxony also called the Free State of Saxony, is located in the east of the Federal Republic of Germany. The state capital is Dresden, the most populous city in Leipzig.

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