The Electric Traffic Light Turns 101

Who does not know them? The colors red, yellow and green, which made the traffic light famous all over the world. The electric traffic light is now celebrating its 101st birthday, because it was first seen on August 5, 1914, in the city of Cleveland in the USA.

Traffic At Intersection Is Regulated

The first electric traffic light ensured that traffic was regulated in Cleveland at the intersection of East 105th Street and Euclid Avenue. The traffic light itself was not a new invention, however, as the world’s first traffic light was put into operation in December 1868 London the world’s first traffic light was put into operation. It was located in Parliament Square and was gas-powered. However, this traffic light did not last long, because after a short period of operation it exploded.

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Traffic Light Takes A Break

After that, there was a break for the traffic lights for a while and only after the more and more spreading of the electric light in many big cities of this world, the traffic lights came back into use, so that the traffic could be regulated better. The first electric traffic light in Cleveland, however, had only two lights at that time, one red and one green. The yellow light did not exist at that time and instead of yellow, a bell made sure that the road users were informed that the color was about to change. But this with the bell turned out soon as useless because more and more cars came on the road and with the volume, the bell was then hard to be heard.

The Traffic Light Comes To Europe Later

The electric traffic light came to Europe a little later. Eight years later, to be exact. First, the traffic light was used in Paris in 1922 and then in Hamburg. In Berlin, the electric traffic light was introduced in 1924, and from there it triumphed all over the world. Road traffic without traffic lights would be hard to imagine today, especially in the big cities of the world.

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Explanation Of The Difficult Words:

Cleveland is a city in the US state of Ohio. It is the second-largest city in this state and is located at the mouth of the Cuyahoga River into Lake Erie.

London is the capital of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and the country part of England. London has about 8.5 million inhabitants and is thus within the EU (European Union) as the city with the most inhabitants.

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