The Favorite Cuddly Toy And Its Effect

It is probably a topic that concerns everyone – the favorite cuddly toy. As a child, it was the constant companion, whether to daycare or later to school. Some still own their old friend today, and many pass on their former favorite cuddly toy to their own child. But what is it actually about the favorite cuddly toy? We answer this question and give tips for dealing with the cuddly friend.

What Role Do Parents Play In Choosing A Favorite Cuddly Toy?

First of all, none, but quite a big one. This answer sounds funny at first, but anyone who thinks about it will quickly see the point. Which cuddly toy is exactly the chosen one, of course, your child decides for himself. However, you can influence the choice by the cuddly toys provided. In this way, it can be influenced that your offspring chooses a cuddly toy that is suitable for children. “With cuddly toys, the quality is of great importance,” also knows Kristin Franke from, in her online store she sells handmade cuddly toys, of high quality. “When buying the cuddler, pay attention to the material, this should be ecologically safe. In addition, a high-quality processing is important. Easily detachable small parts, for example, can be a source of danger.”

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An extra tip when buying a cuddly toy is to pay attention to the size. Favorite cuddly toys are constant companions, so it makes sense to buy rather smaller cuddly toys at first. These are then also suitable for a child of infant age, since smaller cuddly toys reduce the risk of suffocation. By the way, due to the important permanent contact with the cuddly toy in infancy, the choice of the favorite cuddly toy often falls on the child’s first cuddly toy.

The Favorite Cuddly Toy As A Friend And Protector

For children, the cuddly toy is more than just a piece of cloth filled with absorbent cotton. Rather, they are real beings with a character that feels and thinks. From the children’s point of view, cuddly toys can also act, for example comfort or protect. This applies equally to girls and boys, by the way; the only difference is with dolls, which are usually not liked by boys.

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Psychologically, the cuddly toy is the first self-chosen companion. In addition, it is a transitional object that is supposed to help with the detachment of the parents. For this reason, it can also be helpful to send the favorite cuddly toy to school with the child. They are a companion and give the child security, also because the favorite stuffed animal is a piece of home. Whether or not stuffed animals are allowed depends on your child’s school; it’s best to check directly with the principal’s office. Talking cuddlers are generally to be avoided, however, as they can disrupt lessons.

With the favorite cuddly toy your child makes a decision, he is sure, this cuddly toy is special. So don’t worry, choosing a cuddly animal does not mean that a child is overanxious or even underdeveloped. On the contrary, the needed security in choosing a favorite cuddly toy shows inner maturity and is something very positive.

Washing The Favorite Cuddly Toy

Not only when buying cuddly toys there are some things to consider, but also during use and especially afterwards you need to pay attention. Here we are talking about washing, first of all. For many children it is a terrible idea to see the best cuddly friend in the washing machine. Considering that the cuddly toy really goes everywhere with you, it simply has to go in the machine every now and then. It is best to wash it at 60°C to really kill all germs and bacteria. Often it helps the child to imagine his cuddly friend taking a trip to the water park.

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The Teddy Bear – The Classic Favorite Cuddly Toy

Interestingly, the teddy bear is still the undisputed favorite cuddler. This is probably not only because of the soft fur, but also because of the proportions. Children seem to be attracted to the big head and big eyes. But whether it’s a teddy bear, bunny or donkey, take your child’s favorite cuddly toy seriously and let him or her be a part of family life.

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