The First Day Of School Is Coming Up? This Is How You Awaken Your Child’s Anticipation

The enrollment of your child is something very special and will certainly remain in your child’s memory for a long time. It is the beginning of a completely new phase of life. The nervousness of the parents often exceeds even that of the school beginners. After all, the first day should go perfectly and in addition to school supplies, congratulations on the start of school must also be prepared.

Find out here how you can take away your child’s fear of the first day of school and how you can best prepare him or her for the big day.

First Day At School: How To Take Away Your Child’s Fear Of School

First day of school – a joyful event for many children. There are congratulations on starting school from loved ones, bulging school bags and much more. For some, however, the start of school is also associated with anxiety.

After all, they are saying goodbye to their familiar kindergarten environment and new challenges await them. The many new faces and the completely new environment can quickly lead to insecurities.

Even before school starts, it is therefore important to talk to your child about the new phase of life. Explain that school is a great place to learn and make new friends.

Also, try to convey a positive attitude towards school at all times. Strengthen your child with positive thoughts and instill self-confidence. Explain to him that soon he will be one of the big ones and will learn great things like reading and arithmetic.

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In this way, you will take away your child’s fear of school and ease his excitement. Some children may have already attended elementary school when they were in kindergarten. Revive this great memory in your child and you will see that the anticipation is immediately awakened.

If a kindergarten friend is going to the same school, you should emphasize that as well. Children with a positive attitude get used to the new environment and the new tasks faster and easier.

So don’t be afraid to share anecdotes from your own school days or tell about friends you may still have from elementary school. This way, your child will soon understand that going to school is something completely normal.

It is also important to send congratulations on the start of school, such as school cones and school cards, so that your child starts school with a positive feeling.

First Day At School: No Problem Even Without Previous Knowledge

Reading, writing and arithmetic are taught to your child at school. No teacher expects your child to know these things already. So you don’t have to worry if your child starts elementary school without any previous knowledge.

On the contrary – you should not overdo it with previous knowledge. If you have a particularly inquisitive and curious child, you can of course already show him how to write his name or even individual letters.

A good tip is also to read to him a lot. If your child is not yet able to recognize or write letters, this does not put him at a disadvantage. The educational mission is fulfilled by the school.

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Some children want to learn to write before elementary school and some have other interests. Interest in letters develops naturally in the first grade – you don’t have to worry about it.

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First Day At School: BuyingThe Perfect Satchel

Before the start of school, it is necessary to think about some things like congratulations on starting school or buying a suitable school bag. There is a lot to consider when buying a school bag, after all, it will accompany your child through the school day.

Look for quality seals and whether the satchel meets the requirements of DIN standard 58124. The standard specifies, among other things, how heavy a satchel maybe when empty and that ten percent of the outer surfaces should be covered with reflectors.

The reflectors are particularly important so that your child can be seen by drivers in the dark. They should be placed on all sides for the greatest possible safety of the child. The next question is whether the satchel fits.

It is best to visit a specialist store together and let your child try on several models. A school satchel is similar to a pair of shoes. It must not pinch and must fit perfectly.

You should also make sure that the satchel has wide straps. Also check the closure of the lid flap, as this is subject to a lot of stress. It should be stable since your child will open and close the satchel several times a day.

The back of the satchel should also be sturdy so that heavy books do not press into the child’s back. Without contents, the school bag should not weigh more than 1.2 kilograms.

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The material should ideally be made of lightweight plastics and synthetic fibers. Last but not least, the visual impression is of course also decisive and whether your child likes the school bag. Try to respond sensitively to the wishes for the start of school.

First Day At School: What Belongs In The School Bag?

Even before the start of school, congratulations on the start of school, school books, and other teaching materials should be procured. Usually, you will receive a list of the necessary school supplies from the class teacher.

To give you an overview, the most important school supplies are listed below. By the way, you can also find a checklist for starting school here:

  • Pencil case with soft pencils, eraser, sharpener, colored pencils, felt tip pens and ruler.
  • School books wrapped in protective covers or foil.
  • Notebooks and folders.
  • Notebooks for homework.
  • Gym bag and sportswear.

Materials for art class such as glue, scissors, drawing pad, paint box, brushes, wax crayons, sponges, rags, painter’s smock.

Of course, your child doesn’t have to pack these things in his or her school bag every day. At school, there is often an opportunity to deposit the items.

Choose a safe way for your child to do this. Often a detour through a quiet side alley is better than the shortest route, which is through a street with a lot of traffic. Also, make sure that you always act as a role model for your child in traffic.

Behave Correctly And Don’t Run Red Lights

Capture Memories: Remember The Camera

To make the first day of school unforgettable, you should also think about a camera. When your child is standing in the schoolyard with a packed school bag and relatives congratulating them on starting school, it’s an unforgettable moment. Take a few pictures so you can remember this memorable day together later.

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School Cone And Congratulations On Starting School

The first day of school is coming up – of course, you can’t miss out on a bulging school cone now. This way you express your congratulations on starting school in a loving way. The school bag is filled with many small gifts, useful school supplies, and sweets.

You can also make your own congratulations on starting school for your hardworking learner. Maybe your child has special wishes for the start of school. You can then also put these in the school bag. Many first graders celebrate the exciting first day of school with their relatives and loved ones.

For grandparents, aunts and uncles, there are many ways to express their congratulations on the start of school. On the Internet but also in gift stores, relatives can discover and choose sentimental congratulations for starting school.

First Day Of School: Plan A New Daily Routine

After you have duly celebrated the start of school and your child has received many congratulations on the start of school, a new and exciting phase of life begins, which comes with more responsibility.

Your child will have to go to bed and get up at fixed times, and in the afternoons he or she will have less time to play because homework has to be done. If you are employed, it is also important to organize lunch or afternoon care for your sweetheart.

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