The First Visit To The Dentist – What You Should Bear In Mind

Taking your child to the dentist at an early age is not only important for dental health but also to get your child used to regular visits. But when is it time for the first visit to the dentist? You can find answers to these and other questions in this article.

Avoiding Fear Of Going To The Dentist

Children should go to the dentist as early as possible to get used to the idea. This can happen from the age of 1.5 years.

It is helpful if you first make an appointment for yourself, but one that does not involve extensive treatment. This way, your child can see that nothing will happen to you while the dentist is examining your mouth. You should also make sure that you stay calm before and during the treatment, otherwise, fear or excitement could be transferred to your child.

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The big advantage: children’s curiosity. A dental practice offers a lot to experience and discover. Child-friendly dentists explain the most important facts in a way that is suitable for children, let them look at the dental instruments, or take them up and down in the dentist’s chair.

The First Visit To The Dentist

Your child’s teeth should be examined when he or she is about three years old. By then, your child should have been to the dentist with you a few times to get used to the practice and the procedures.

Of course, you should also check your child’s teeth regularly before their first visit to the dentist and take them to the dentist sooner if necessary. Some parents are of the opinion that teeth cannot yet be damaged in the short period of time that the child is still alive. After all, it is “only the milk teeth”. But severe decay in the milk teeth can also have consequences for the permanent teeth. Apart from the medical reasons, unpleasant dental treatments for children should of course be avoided as far as possible so that no long-term fears develop.

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After the first visit to the dentist, appointments should be kept at approximately 6-month intervals.

Relaxing At The Dentist

You can also prepare your child for a visit to the dentist at home. Picture books can help your child understand what a dentist does – children are less afraid if they know what to expect. You can also play dentist. Let your child look into your mouth and count your teeth. This way, they can also approach the actual visit to the dentist in a playful way.

Be careful not to give threats or rewards for going to the dentist. Going to the dentist should become every day, without fears or pressure. You can find these and other great tips directly from the children’s dentist here.

Healthy Teeth With The Right Preventive Care

Young children should learn to brush their teeth properly from the very beginning to prevent further damage. How well they do this is tested when they are stained at the dentist. As a parent, you should make sure that your child brushes their teeth thoroughly at home. An hourglass can help children to keep to the recommended toothbrushing time of 2-3 minutes.

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Did you know that it is also worth brushing before the first tooth?
In addition to problems such as tooth decay, misaligned teeth often occur as children get older and should be corrected with braces, if possible during their teenage years. Parents should think about this as early as possible and consider supplementary dental insurance for children.

Teeth are a long-term thing. Treatment is expensive and unpleasant, so dental prophylaxis is the key. This should be perceived as something every day for your child from the very beginning.

You can also support dental health with the right diet. Make sure that your child does not eat too many products with added sugar. If possible, allow a period of two hours between meals so that the oral flora can return to normal. Contrary to popular belief, you should also make sure that your child does not brush their teeth immediately after eating. Eating creates acid in the mouth, which attacks the teeth. Brushing then attacks the teeth. For this reason, you should wait at least half an hour after meals before brushing your child’s teeth.

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The First Visit To The Dentist – Child’s Play

If you follow these tips, the first visit to the dentist will be child’s play. Prepare your child for their first visit to the dentist by taking them on a trial visit. If you take up the topic positively at home and introduce it to your child in a playful way, you will avoid the fear of the dentist in the long term. This way, nothing stands in the way of your child’s dental health.

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