The Flu Wave Sweeps Through The Country

At the moment, a lot of people are sick. Some have the cold, others the flu, which is much worse. Besides a runny nose, sore throat and cough, people with flu also have chills (they sweat and freeze at the same time) and fever. The flu is a bad form of the common cold. It comes from the fact that November, December and January were not so cold. When it snows and freezes really hard in the winter, it also kills the viruses and bacteria die off. That’s good, because then people don’t get the flu.

Protection From The Flu

In the winter months and especially in the spring, many people suffer from this disease called flu. This does not have to be, With simple means you can protect yourself from the viruses. Viruses are tiny little entities that make all living things sick. But we humans can protect ourselves from them: For example, by washing our hands thoroughly and often. Viruses sit on door handles and get onto our hands from there. Viruses like to sit on them because they are warm. And when we eat something or rub our eyes, we transport the viruses into our body, where they make us sick. Doctors also say that it’s good not to put your hands on your mouth and nose when a lot of people are sick. This is because when a particularly large number of people have the flu, doctors call it a flu epidemic. From the people who are sick, we should not let them shake hands to greet us, and keep a little distance.

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Vaccination Against The Flu

Getting enough sleep is also very important, because it strengthens our immune system. The immune system is located in our body. It is like a shield that protects us from diseases. But especially in winter, our immune system is weakened because there is not enough sun, and because we don’t eat enough fresh fruits and vegetables with lots of vitamins. Then the viruses have free rein. If we sleep enough and eat a lot of fruit, then the immune system is strengthened. Vitamins are little health makers that live in fruits and vegetables. Sometimes, however, none of this helps. Then it is important to protect ourselves with a vaccination protect yourself from the flu. This is a shot from the doctor that gets our immune system back in shape, and trains our body to fight the viruses.

Explanation Of Difficult Words:

A cold is an illness where we have a cold and a cough.

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The flu is a worse form of the common cold.

Viruses are small things that enter the body and make us sick.

Bacteria are tiny creatures that bring us a cold.

Vaccination is an injection that makes us stronger against the disease.

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