The Heat Destroys The Roads

The heat in Germany not only makes people sweat. It also ensures that many roads are destroyed and therefore there is also a very high risk of accidents. Therefore, increased caution applies to all motorists.

Danger Lurks Especially On The Highways

The danger for roads damaged by heat is especially on highways. Here, motorists and motorcyclists must be especially careful. A destroyed road can lead to serious accidents. That is why especially now when it is so hot, there is a warning about the so-called “Blow-Ups” warned. In this case, it can happen that the roadway bulges or breaks up. This happens especially when the temperature rises above 30 degrees. Quickly, therefore, an accident can occur. Therefore, it is important to keep exactly to the Speed limit and also maintain sufficient distance from the preceding car.

Danger Especially On Old Highways

The danger is greatest on freeways in Germany that are somewhat older. These are often highways that have been made of concrete. These roads then break down very quickly in very hot weather. This may be because there are particularly many cars and trucks driving on these roads or because the concrete there is not thick enough. This is why the German Minister of Transport, Alexander Dobrindt, has ordered a large number of checks to be carried out in this heat to find damaged roads and warn drivers. Therefore, very special measuring vehicles are sent out, which can measure exactly where there is a danger and there the road is then repaired very quickly.

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Explanation Of The Difficult Words

“Blow-Ups” are called heat damage on concrete highways. Individual concrete roadway slabs can buckle or even slide over each other.

The Speed limit is a specification of the maximum speed that may be exceeded on roads. Special traffic signs show drivers the maximum speed they are allowed to drive. Anyone who drives too fast and is caught doing so must pay a fine.

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