The Longer The Breaks – The Better The Grades

Almost everywhere in Germany, the summer vacations have already come to an end. That’s why topics from school are now coming to the fore again. One of these is a study on the subject of breaks. This study from Denmark says that students write better grades if there is a longer break before classwork. How do you see this?

Better Concentration In The First Hours

Surely you know this best from your own experience, that you can concentrate much better in the first hours at school. Back in my school days, I never liked to write a test in the fifth or even sixth period. This is also the view of researchers from Denmark, who have now made a study about this.

From 10 O’clock The Notes Become Worse

In this study, it showed up that all tests or classwork, which turned out after 10 o’clock worse, than the work, which was made before 10 o’clock. Above all, the students who otherwise do not have such good grades are significantly worse. They can then concentrate even more poorly. But it is not only the time of day that is important for a good result in a class assignment. The researchers have also discovered that a long break before an exam is very good for the students and that the grades are then significantly better. The break must be at least 20 minutes long. In this study, about two million exams were evaluated in Denmark, which was taken by students between the ages of eight and fifteen.

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Classwork Does Not Necessarily Have To Be Written In The Morning

In evaluating all these tests and classwork, the researchers found that tests do not always have to be written in the morning. This is true even if you have a very long school day. Above all, it is important that there is a long break between the last lesson and the class test. Then students can recover, refocus and also write better grades.

Explanation Of The Difficult Words

Denmark is a Kingdom Denmark is a sovereign state in northern Europe and a parliamentary monarchy. The national territory includes Denmark and the Faroe Islands, both as well as Greenland. Denmark has about 5.6 million inhabitants and belongs to the EU. The capital of Denmark is called Copenhagen.

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