The Pacifier Chain: Practical Accessory And Toy For Your Child

Opinions are divided on the pacifier: Is it good for the teeth or bad? Does the child even need one? The pacifier chain is different: If the child has a pacifier, the chain is always included.

A clip is attached to your child’s clothing, and a chain is attached to it. The pacifier is attached to the other end of the chain via a small silicone ring. The short chain of colorful beads serve your child at the same time as a toy and entertains it on the go.

Decorative, individual and always a statement, the pacifier chain is an accessory and toy at the same time, fulfills a very practical purpose, and is gladly given as a gift. How many pacifier chains does a child need?

The Safety Standard Of The Pacifier Chain

Babies play with everything they can get their hands on. At just a few months old, children begin to specifically grab things, pull on them, and put them in their mouths. In the case of the pacifier, this is a great thing.

If it’s somewhere within reach, it’s quickly back in the mouth. If a pacifier chain is attached to the pacifier, the child simply pulls on it. And if the chain then lies across the neck, this can lead to injuries. For this reason, pacifier chains must not measure more than 22 cm from the clip attached to the end of the loop on which the pacifier hangs. Measurements are not taken when the pacifier is loose.

The pacifier chain is measured under strong tensile stress because babies pull on it. Since pacifier chains are usually made of stretchy materials, they become longer under tension. How exactly does such a length measurement looks under which conditions can be read under the pacifier chain standard DIN EN 12586.

If you want to make a pacifier chain yourself, you do not have to comply with the standard, of course. The standard was created so that commercially available pacifier chains can be recognized as safe according to a general standard.

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This is to give the manufacturers legal certainty. However, anyone who makes their own pacifier chain with names or motif beads, from colored yarn or other material, should know what they are doing. When babies play with the pacifier chain, it is quickly around their necks. This is especially the case when the child is lying in the playpen or on a blanket on the floor and frolicking.

What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of A Pacifier Chain?

The purpose of the pacifier chain is first of all that the pacifier can not fall on the floor. Children often simply spit out the pacifier when they don’t feel like it. The baby doesn’t care where the pacifier lands.

So that the pacifier doesn’t get dirty, doesn’t get lost on the way, and, above all, is quickly at hand again, it is attached to the baby’s clothing with a pacifier chain. Children learn quite quickly that they can find their pacifier again at the end of the pacifier chain.

If they want to have the pacifier in their mouth, they therefore simply pull on the chain. If the pacifier chain has the child’s name on it, this is also practical in the daycare center: the pacifier cannot be confused because the pacifier chain with the name is always attached to it.

The caregivers in the facility can read the name of the girls and boys and always address the children correctly. Since the pacifier often accompanies children into kindergarten age, the pacifier chain with name can then also be recognized by the children themselves.

The names of girls are often designed so that they harmonize with the flower and butterfly motifs of the pacifier chain. Soother chains with names of boys are usually kept more simple and less decorative.

However, a pacifier chain also has disadvantages. If the pacifier chain is too long, your child can strangle himself with it during play. If the pacifier chain is made of low-quality materials, it may contain harmful materials.

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They come off when your baby sucks on the pacifier chain. They can be absorbed through the skin. Especially colored pacifier chains and chains made of plastics can pose a danger.

When you buy a pacifier chain, you should also pay attention to the processing. If the pacifier chain consists of many small beads or pendants, no part should come loose. Babies sometimes have quite a bit of strength, plus they chew on the pacifier chain. Can the pacifier chain withstand this without parts or particles coming loose?

Advantages Of The Pacifier Chain At A Glance:

  • Prevents the pacifier from getting lost.
  • Allows the child to find the pacifier itself and put it in the mouth.
  • Is interesting as a toy.
  • Strengthens motor skills and self-confidence of the child through play opportunities.
  • Due to girl ‘s name or boy’s name clearly to assign, pacifiers are not interchanged.

Disadvantages Of The Pacifier Chain Briefly Summarized

  • Strangulation danger.
  • Swallowable small part.
  • Under circumstances hygienically precarious.
  • Can be contaminated with chemicals.

Make A Pacifier Chain Yourself? These Are The Possibilities!

Some mothers knot a pacifier chain from thin cotton threads in the style of a friendship bracelet. These pacifier chains have the advantage that they are individually designed and always recognizable.

The pacifier chain can be provided with names if you master the appropriate knotting technique. In addition, such a pacifier chain is very skin-friendly and slightly elastic. You can decide for yourself in which colors and with which patterns you design the pacifier chain.

And you yourself are responsible for ensuring that the materials used are harmless to health. If you like textile pacifier chains, you can also sew them. A colored piece of fabric laid several times on top of each other and hemmed into a beautiful ribbon is already a pacifier chain. If you now embroider the name of the girl or your boy on it, the pacifier chain is already individualized.

If you want to encourage your child to play, you design the pacifier chain but differently. Children like to grab colorful things that are visually very different from each other. And it is particularly interesting when the individual elements also feel different.

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In the first months of life, they also explore everything with their mouths. A pacifier chain consisting of colorful beads in different shapes is therefore ideal. Because such a pacifier chain stimulates the senses and helps your child to develop his motor skills.

The pacifier chain becomes a grasping toy. You can personalize the pacifier chain with names, choose small animals or other motifs as beads. However, you should make sure that the thread in the middle of the beads is thick and stable. Because your baby is guaranteed to put the pacifier chain in his mouth and chew on it. The thread must be able to withstand this.

Wooden Or Silicone Beads?

Wood is the classic. Many grasping toys and rattles are still made of wood today. Because the natural material always feels a little warm, has a great surface, and is stable. Untreated wood is also completely safe for your baby’s health.

That is why many pacifier chains are made of colorful wooden beads. More modern, on the other hand, is silicone. This artificial material is so hygienic that even medical implants are made of it. And it offers some design advantages.

Silicone can be molded into any shape. You can cast the name of a girl or boy in silicone and form it into an elongated, flat bead. You can mold individual letters out of silicone and use them to make up girls’ or boys’ names. Animal shapes, small cars, dolls, stars, hearts, and more are possible. And silicone can be soft or hard.

Teething toys for babies today are often made of silicone. When your child gets his first teeth, it hurts. The small, pointed teeth push through the gums from the inside. The gums often become inflamed and painful.

If your child can chew on something, this relieves the pain. Pacifiers, pacifier necklaces with names or motif beads, the corners of pillows and bedspreads – everything is now used to provide pressure for the tooth. Teething toys made of silicone are somewhat pliable.

If you make your pacifier chain from silicone elements of different hardness, your child can choose for himself what he wants to bite on. Silicone is hygienic. The silicone pacifier chain can be boiled and sterilized in common devices.

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In addition, silicone easily takes the temperature of its environment. If you put the silicone pacifier chain in the refrigerator for a while, the cold material will give your baby even more relief when chewing. This is because it cools the stressed gums and reduces inflammation.

Buying A Pacifier Chain: You Should Pay Attention To This

The pacifier chain for your child should never be longer than 22 cm. Make sure that the clip has three-valve holes. It must be rustproof and must not contain nickel in the metallic parts. The pacifier chain must be colorfast.

This applies to both the pacifier chain itself and all parts hanging from it. If the pacifier chain has pendants, for example with the name of girls or boys, with motifs such as a stork with a baby or the like, then these parts must also be colorfast.

All components of the pacifier chain must be made of child-friendly materials and must not emit any chemicals. No toxic paints or varnishes may be used for the pacifier chain.

You can find out which materials are suitable for the manufacture of a pacifier chain in DIN EN 71-3. Make sure that the strings of the pacifier chain are tear-resistant so that no small parts come loose. By the way, handmade chains are often more stable and less likely to have production-related defects.

Friends, grandparents, and godparents like to give individual things for birth or baptism. The chain, which is marked with the name of girls or boys, represents a very popular gift. However, only chains with the most common names of girls or boys are available in stores.

If you want to have a slightly rarer name of a girl or a boy incorporated into the pacifier chain, you will have to design the pacifier chain yourself. The beads are, like pacifier adapters, clips, and motif beads, available online in a large selection. Have fun crafting.


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