The Perfect Baby Shower: How To Plan It Right

The wish to have a child has come true. Now it will not take long. Soon the new family member will be born. If that’s not a reason to celebrate! Because friends, neighbors, and family members are very excited to finally meet your baby after almost 10 months of waiting.

How nice it is to gather them all and have a baby shower together. However, a baby shower is by no means something you can do “from scratch”. Rather, it requires organizational talent and many creative ideas to make the event a complete success.

From the creation and sending of the invitations to the decoration and the selection of a suitable location, everything has to be thought of.

Baby Shower Games And Much More – Everything Needs To Be Planned Well

Which gifts should be on the wish list? Which baby shower games can be organized? And under which motto will the baby shower be held? Questions over questions… – and they all need to be answered.

Celebrating baby showers is a trend that once spilled over “across the pond” from the USA to us. What is also known as a baby shower in America has long enjoyed growing popularity in this country as well.

The ideal time for baby showers is usually about two months before the planned date of birth. According to old tradition, almost exclusively female guests are invited to the baby shower by the parents-to-be.

However, this by no means means that male visitors are not also welcome. Quite the opposite: even in the country of origin of baby showers, the USA, more and more men are joining in.

The nice thing is that the party planning is not only done by the pregnant woman herself but her friends, work colleagues, and neighbors are also invited to participate diligently in the organization.

In this way, the baby shower becomes an unforgettable experience that everyone will remember fondly for a long time to come. The highlight is often the creative baby shower games.

Motto Or Not? The Planning Of The Baby Shower

Similar to the USA, there are agencies in this country that specialize in the organization of baby showers and the planning of creative baby shower games. This gives you the advantage of not having to worry about anything.

A real “plus”, if you consider that many expectant mothers like to withdraw from the hustle and bustle of everyday life shortly before their birth and want to prepare in peace for the arrival of the little human child.

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Quite apart from this, there are still many other things to do, such as choosing new furniture for the nursery or purchasing baby equipment.

Many pregnant women, therefore, like to rely entirely on their friends when it comes to planning and organizing a baby shower. Whether you prefer to rely on the professional support of experienced party planners instead is, of course, entirely at your own discretion.

Planning A Baby Shower Is Simply Fun

Do you want to organize the baby shower and the baby shower games yourself? Or do you rely on the creativity of your friends? Even if you don’t want to leave anything to chance and trust in professional support, you are on the safe side.

In any case, it is a good feeling to know that “in case of emergency” you can consult specialists who know how to plan a baby shower. If you like, you can choose a special motto for the baby shower if you want to go 100 percent with the baby shower trend from the USA.

Cool Mottos Would Be, For Example:

  • The babies of the celebrities.
  • The first day with the newborn.
  • Family hustle and bustle – the baby is coming home.
  • Fashion for the newborn – the cutest trends. Do you already know the sizes of baby clothes?
  • What career path will the little one want to take one day?

Everything can, nothing must. So even if you organize a baby shower. If you decide to have a “theme-less” party, you also have literally 1,001 possibilities.

The important thing is that the party concept and also the baby shower games are perfectly coordinated with the “baby” theme. Will your baby be a girl, it is obvious to keep the decoration in a beautiful pink. If a little boy comes into the world, on the other hand, the focus is more on a light blue conceptualization of the premises.

Parents who do not want to announce the gender of their child yet, opt for a neutral color, such as a chic pastel yellow, a subtle green or a fine orange.


A baby shower is a great opportunity to let the “gender secret” out. So it’s a nice gesture to give the guests a small gift at the farewell in the color that gives a little hint about the baby’s gender.

Even The Planning Of The Party Puts You In A Good Mood

In the USA, it is very popular to organize the baby shower as a surprise party for the mother-to-be. Therefore, “secrecy” is now especially important. It’s best to draw up a checklist so that all members of the “orga team” know what tasks need to be done and who will be doing each of them.

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The Invitations

Before you design or create the invitations, it is important to have a guest list at hand. Whether you are the mother-to-be planning the party or the friend of the pregnant woman, you are the “boss” of the organizing team.

If possible, make sure to invite only those people the parents-to-be actually appreciate or want to be around. Whether the invitations are sent electronically, in person, or by post depends primarily on the scheduling and, not least, on the distance between the recipient and the event location.

When the baby shower should take place can be considered with regard to the mother’s physical constitution. About two to three months before the birth, the little belly is already visible. In addition, pregnant women usually still feel very well at this time.


Self-written letters or self-made invitation cards are sure to go down well with the addressees. In addition, they give the baby shower a very personal touch.

Choosing The Location

Whether it’s at one of the guests’ homes, at the expectant mother’s house, or at a rented location, there are no limits to creativity when it comes to choosing a location. This should be designed primarily with the intended number of guests in mind.


A hosted location is associated with a comparatively high cost. However, you benefit from a full service and do not have to worry about the details.

The Food And Drinks

You only need to worry about food and drinks for the baby shower to a limited extent if you book a catered location. Certainly, it is important to agree in advance of the booking, with which dishes, snacks, and drinks the guests should be spoiled.

But if you want to hold the baby shower in private premises, the food and drink offer must be well thought out individually and in accordance with the expected number of guests.

Consult with the other participants or organizers and determine who will provide which drinks and which of your friends will make salads, dips, meat or sausage dishes, pasta, potatoes, or finger food and bring them to the baby shower.

If you are following US standards, simply ask guests to make a simple soup or contribute snacks, food and/or drinks.

Delicious Finger Food Snacks:

  • Mini meatballs (they’re quick to make and taste great!).
  • Stuffed eggs.
  • Vegetable and cheese skewers.
  • Fruit skewers.
  • Potato wedges.
  • Small pretzels.
  • …And some delicious dips!

The Baby Shower Decoration

The baby shower decorations should, if possible, be based on the gender of the baby. If a theme party is in mind, the orga team can choose the matching utensils – in the appropriate color, of course.

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“It’s a boy!” An upcoming joyful event of this kind literally invites us to decorate the premises in traditional light blue. “We’re expecting a girl”, on the other hand, encourages a snazzy baby shower decoration in pretty pink.

The Ideal Baby Shower Decorations At A Glance:

  • Light blue or pink wallpaper.
  • Flower arrangements and flower arrangements color-coordinated with the event.
  • Table decorations.
  • Baby shower decorations in the entrance area of the location.
  • A color-coordinated poster above the entrance door.
  • Lanterns.
  • Candles, LED’s.

The Musical Supporting Program

From typical baby songs like “I’m the babysitter of the whole city” to big band beats, from retro music to pop songs to metal songs – anything is possible when it comes to music at a baby shower.

In this regard, it’s best to orient yourself to the musical tastes of the parents-to-be. A few fun songs from the pop or even folk music genre will spice up the arrangement in a funny way and will definitely encourage each of the guests to dance, sway or hum along.

Great Gifts For A Baby Shower

A baby shower only “lives” with the right baby shower gifts. In general, baby shower gifts are one of the special highlights of a baby shower. Especially for young couples expecting their first child, often not all relevant items are available yet.

Therefore, it is quite legitimate to create a gift list that is distributed to the guests in advance. This facilitates the organization of the baby shower gifts on the one hand and on the other hand, ensures that no embarrassing duplicate baby shower gifts are presented.

Fun alternative ideas in terms of baby shower gifts are, for example, diaper cakes, towel sets, or subscriptions to a trendy baby magazine. Such baby shower gifts are neutral and always welcome when you might be running out of ideas.

At the end of every baby shower, it’s the small but sweet gesture that counts. Everyone who was a guest at the baby shower will receive a small gift in the form of candy, pacifiers, photo books, or flowers when they leave.

Depending on the color in which the gifts are conceptualized, it is obvious to the visitors of the Baby Shower which gender the little one will have.


Expectant parents who initially still want to keep to themselves whether it will be a boy or girl, can of course keep the color design in a neutral color. This way, the “sweet” secret is lovingly kept until the day of birth.

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Bread And Baby Shower Games

With consideration for the pregnant woman, alcohol is usually not served at a baby shower. However, it is a good idea to keep non-alcoholic sparkling wine or zero-proof beer cold.

To get in the party mood, you can organize baby shower games that not only put the guests in a good mood but also bring them together. As experience has shown, guests often do not know each other when the expectant parents are expecting their first child.

The parents of the expectant father and mother, their siblings, neighbors, and the respective circle of friends often only meet in person at a Baby Shower. To “break the ice”, baby games are a welcome change. They lighten the mood and encourage people to join in and have fun.

The popular estimation game invites all baby shower visitors to get “calculating”. When it comes to determining the belly circumference of the expectant mother on the day of the baby shower, everyone can actively participate.

All guests will receive a tape measure or a normal wrapping tape, which can be used to wrap or decorate baby shower gifts. Everyone who likes estimates the circumference of the belly and notes the value aboard. Then the measurements are taken and again noted on the board. The person whose information best determined the belly circumference won the round.

A Wrapping Contest

Every new father has a turn: changing diapers is the order of the day. That’s exactly why the diaper contest is so popular. You can design the baby shower so that the baby shower games revolve around diaper changing.

The soon-to-be dad can demonstrate his “diapering skills” on a doll. While he is doing this, one of the baby shower guests stops time. It’s also the “not-yet-quite-dad’s” father’s turn as part of the swaddling baby shower games.

Again, it is stopped how long it takes until the grandpa-to-be has changed the diapers. If the son is faster, he receives a small reward. However, if the daddy-to-be proves to be a “quick diaper changer”, he gets to drink delicious milk or is rewarded in some other way.

Conclusion To The Baby Shower

A baby shower is an ideal opportunity to celebrate something special with friends, family, neighbors, and acquaintances. It’s best to start planning the baby shower about three to four months after you find out you’re going to be a mom.

Are you the best friend or the favorite neighbor of the mother-to-be? Then you are also well advised to start organizing the baby shower when the pregnant woman is around the third or fourth month of pregnancy.

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