The Perfect School Satchel – What You Should Consider When Buying

They come with prints of pirates, horses or dinosaurs, in all imaginable colors, shapes and sizes: The first school bag is something very special for many children. They proudly present their new companion for the start of school to their grandparents and friends from kindergarten. And even on the first day of school, the beloved satchel gives shy, fresh-faced first graders a great sense of self-confidence.

Nevertheless, as a parent you should not only pay attention to the appearance when buying the first school satchel. Children of elementary school age are still growing. The satchel loaded with heavy school books, filled lunch boxes and a full water bottle sits on your child’s back almost every day for four years. Thus, a high-quality satchel helps to ensure that your child’s back does not suffer any damage. But how can you find such a satchel?

Hands Off Online Snappers! – It All Depends On The Right Advice

Satchels are not only available in all colors and sizes, but also in all price ranges. When buying a satchel, however, you should steer clear of bargains from online retailers. Since the satchel has such an enormous impact on your child’s back, your preschooler should definitely try it on. An individual satchel consultation makes sense. A good salesperson knows which satchel fits which back.

Of course, you can decide on a model in the store and then order it on the Internet. However, many toy and backpack stores offer to adjust one of their models at any time after purchase, free of charge. After all, in the four years of elementary school, not only your child will change, but also his back. To help the backpack grow with him, there are back, waist and pelvic straps that can be adjusted individually.

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Let Your Child Decide

However, you should not come to the consultation alone, but in any case bring the main person of the purchase: Your child. Of course, your child is primarily concerned with the appearance of the new school companion and not with its ergonomic properties. Nevertheless, your child will feel best when the satchel is comfortable and fits properly or when it pinches and strains the back. During the consultation, the sales staff will also try to take into account your child’s wishes and the health of his or her back.

The first point is also very important. Before the first day of school, most children are very excited. No wonder, after all, they are experiencing something completely new – school – and, above all, meet new peers. So the situation is anyway associated with a lot of excitement and often shyness on the part of children. If your child now has to wear a satchel that he doesn’t like at all, this will make him feel uncomfortable. In the worst case, your child will be so ashamed of his satchel that he won’t dare approach his peers. Or how bad would your child feel if they saw a classmate wearing the cool pirate satchel they actually wanted?

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When it comes to choosing a satchel, you should therefore give your children free choice – of course, as part of a consultation in the store. Most patterns can be found on models in different price ranges. It is best to let your child explain to the salesperson what kind of satchel he or she would like and then add that the satchel should of course fit your child’s back well. Of course, you can also tell them what budget you have for the purchase.

But how do you recognize good advice. There are a few criteria that you should consider when buying satchel…

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Satchel Or Backpack?

Especially when elementary school students get a little older, they usually find backpacks “cooler” than their old satchels. Even though you should give your children as much freedom as possible when buying a satchel, you still have a say in the question of “satchel or backpack?” As long as you have a say, you should make sure that your child wears a satchel for as long as possible. It can be individually adjusted and is designed for a growing child’s back. After all, your child’s back is very sensitive and still developing. The weight that is concentrated on the child’s back by the heavy school books can be carried more easily by a high-quality satchel. In addition, most school satchels are breathable and waterproof.

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Of course, you can’t force your child to wear a satchel. If he or she refuses to accept it, you can use a combination of backpack and satchel. These are special school backpacks that, like the satchel, have adjustable buckles and straps. This way, the backpack does not hang down but sits firmly and healthily on your child’s back.

The Straps Relieve The Back

The be-all and end-all of wearing a satchel properly are adjusting the straps. A distinction is made between the abdominal, pelvic and back straps. These ensure that the weight of the satchel and its contents does not weigh too heavily on the back.

On the one hand, it is therefore important that the straps are properly adjusted. As your child grows, the three straps must be adjusted to his or her size. In specialist stores, the sales staff will help your child to adjust the new satchel correctly during and often after the purchase. Secondly, your child must always close the straps. Only then will they help carry the heavy school supplies.

Width, Size, Weight – The Satchel Should Not Swallow Your Child

“The satchel is bigger than you”, your child should rather not hear such sentences. The satchel should close at the shoulders – i.e. it should not be wider than your child. Is your daughter or son particularly narrow and small for his or her age? Don’t worry, most satchel models come in different sizes. The lighter variation is usually also designed for narrower backs. Age is not a factor here. First graders are usually five or six years old anyway. Or are they? Here we clarify the question of whether you should send your child to school at the age of five.

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In general, it is advisable to choose a satchel that is as light as possible. After all, your child has enough to carry – thanks to books, writing materials and food. A satchel should weigh no more than 1.3 kg.

Does Everything Fit? The Satchel Test

Whether the satchel fits properly, you can not only feel but also test. If your child is unsure whether the school satchel is comfortable, this is actually not a good sign. You can check it by having your child walk up and down. It’s also best to put a few books or other weights in the satchel. This way you can simulate the use. This test can also be used to check the adjustment of the straps.

The bounce test is also effective. Does the satchel continue to hug your back while your child bounces up and down? Then it fits perfectly. Of course, the matching school bag is a must for the first day of school. Here you will find craft instructions to make a matching school bag yourself!

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