The Pregnancy App: Your Constant Companion Through The Most Exciting Time In Life

Every woman probably realizes how long nine months really are at the latest when she is pregnant for the first time. Anticipation, fears and worries alternate on a daily basis.

If you don’t want to rely solely on your gut feeling, but would like to have information at all times about what’s actually going on in your own belly, we recommend using a good pregnancy app that keeps the expectant mother constantly up to date.

Questions about nutrition, sports during pregnancy and possible tests for the health of your baby are usually answered according to the respective SSW. We have tried out the best apps for iOS and Android for you to get you safely through your pregnancy.

Why Do I Need A Pregnancy App?

A pregnancy app can become your daily companion during these exciting nine months, keeping you updated on your baby’s development between your appointments with your gynecologist or midwife.

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A SSW calculator is integrated in each of the apps, so that you always know how far your pregnancy has progressed. In addition, you can find out how far along your baby is at the moment and how you can best support it with the right diet, exercise or rest.

Questions that may arise will be answered quickly. This makes you feel more secure, especially if it is your first pregnancy. Often, the apps automatically switch to baby mode after the birth and you learn which phases your newborn will go through in the next time.

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Which Pregnancy App Is The Best?

Urbia Pregnancy App

In the pregnancy mode of the app, thanks to the SSW calculator, you can check the calendar every day to see how big and heavy your baby is by now and get all the details about its health and development.

In addition, you will receive daily useful tips against pregnancy nausea, the pulling in the belly and other possible complaints, as well as exciting tips on prenatal care and birth. You can even watch videos in the app in which midwives and doctors answer the most important questions.

Of course, you can document important milestones in the app, such as your baby’s first kick or the first visible sign of your baby on the outside. Even if you have not yet thought about where and how the birth should take place, the pregnancy app from Urbia can help you.

With the help of the app, you can view all birth clinics in your area and define your wishes. Would you like to give birth in a day clinic or is a connected pediatric intensive care unit particularly important to you? You can filter all this and read about it again on the detailed pages of the clinics.

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Once your baby is finally born, you can switch to parenting mode and get great tips on breastfeeding, sleeping and the development of your child during its first year of life. You can also record the most important developmental steps, such as the first crawl, for yourself.

Babycenter Pregnancy App

Another practical advisor during your pregnancy is the free app from Babycenter. Here, too, the SSW calculator gives you insights into the processes in your uterus with the help of videos and graphics.

In the app’s forum, you can exchange information with other moms about the joys and discomforts of pregnancy. If you regularly upload pictures of your growing belly, the app even creates a time-lapse video as a very special reminder of your pregnancy.

Keleya Pregnancy App

For the sporty among you, Keleya offers an app that tells you exactly which yoga or Pilates exercises and workouts are suitable for your week of pregnancy and how you can best perform them at any time.

You’ll also get delicious and healthy recipes to keep you and your baby healthy, as well as great ideas for breathing exercises during birth.

At the beginning you create your individual fitness plan, which includes your athleticism, your pregnancy week and any existing risks. This way you will be fit and relaxed during your pregnancy. In addition, Keleya also offers the usual information during this exciting time, including SSW calculator.

The Dad App For Fathers-To-Be

For fathers-to-be, pregnancy is often even less tangible because they can’t feel the changes in their own bodies. Some apps are therefore aimed specifically at dads to help them understand what is happening in the woman’s body, how they can support their partner and how their child is developing in the womb.

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The paid Dad App from iOS or the Android Super Dad App also provide a complete guide to pregnancy as well as a countdown to birth. Thanks to the integrated week calculator, the dad-to-be also knows at any time what stage his partner is currently in and when he can expect the first tangible kick.


The complete package of Health and Parenting allows you to track the next exciting 40 weeks in detail, to which you can add your personal notes. A timer for your contractions, a baby pedometer, and a shopping list for your newborn baby round out the package.

The app even has name suggestions for you. The SSW calculator also tells you, for example, when the nuchal fold measurement of your unborn child is possible and which examinations – chargeable or free of charge – are possible from when on.


Embryotox is not just an app, but a huge database funded by the German Federal Ministry of Health. Here you can read exactly which medications are recommended for you as a pregnant woman and which are not.

In attached scientific studies, you can find out details about the degree of tolerability of active ingredients, both for expectant mothers and for breastfeeding mothers. You can search the app for either a medication or a specific active ingredient to find out if you should take it without hesitation.

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Advantages Of A Pregnancy App At A Glance

  • Weekly calculator.
  • Upcoming doctor’s appointments.
  • Exchange in the forum with like-minded people.
  • Integration of your personal diary.
  • All information about your pregnancy week.

Conclusion About The Pregnancy App

Using apps during pregnancy not only makes the next nine months much more pleasant and relaxed for you – it also makes the time go by faster. Apps have long since become much more than simple SSW calculators.

Whether you want to know what to cook for yourself, what sports you can do in your pregnancy week or how much your baby weighs at the moment – one look at the app tells you immediately what is happening inside you. You don’t have to spend hours browsing blogs or buy countless books.

Even fathers-to-be now have their own apps to fall back on, which, in addition to the SSW calculator, even provide relationship tips for the next 40 weeks. And there are also plenty of sports and recipe apps for pregnancy.

Click through the various recommendations and find out which app suits you and your needs best and what you feel most comfortable with. Then you will feel perfectly accompanied in the most exciting 40 weeks of your life.

The best products for you and your baby.

Baby monitor

With a baby monitor, you can use your time flexibly, sleep peacefully at night and still know at all times that your baby is doing well.

Nursing pillow

A good breastfeeding pillow has several advantages, because it helps you not only to breastfeed, but also to fall asleep and is also suitable as a nest.

Diaper bags

A diaper bag offers you a lot of storage space, so that you have everything you need for your baby on the go - from the changing pad to the bottle.


A pucksack gives your baby the feeling of security, like in the womb, and thus supports a peaceful and restful sleep.

Bicycle trailer

Bicycle trailers can be used in combination with a baby seat shortly after birth. They are not only safer than child seats but also more comfortable.


A playpen can be very practical in everyday life! Which model is suitable for your needs, you can read in my guide.

Baby bed

The first bed accompanies your child for years. Fortunately, there are beds that grow with your child. I have made for you on the search for the best baby beds.


A stroller is a worthwhile purchase. But there are the most diverse models on the market. Find out which is the right one.

Radiant heater

Radiant heaters provide your child with the necessary warmth when changing diapers or after bathing.

Extra bed

Side beds are very practical and offer both mother and baby a lot of advantages, because for babies, especially in the first months of life, it is reassuring to be able to sleep next to their parents.

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