The Right Choice Of Diapers And What To Consider When Cleaning Your Baby’s Bottom

The right diaper and now? Especially at the beginning of the wash-powder-diaper phase, many parents find themselves overwhelmed by the diaper market. Disposable diaper or rather the environmentally friendly cloth diaper? We give you tips for choosing the right diaper and explain what you should keep in mind when cleaning your baby’s bottom.

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Cloth diapers protect the environment and have long been different from the simple gauze cloths that were used in the past. They come in different models, each of which is suitable for certain diapering techniques. Parents now have the option of having the soiled diapers picked up and cleaned by diaper services. So nowadays, environmentally conscious parents no longer have to sacrifice comfort when they opt for cloth diapers.

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Most families, however, opt for practical pant diapers that go straight into the trash after use. And for good reason: modern disposable diapers not only make things easier for parents, but also offer their offspring optimal wetness protection and a high level of comfort. Despite a thick diaper bottom, the little ones can kick to their heart’s content and the development of the hip joints is also favorably influenced. It is clear that a pant diaper must fit well, neither pinching nor constricting. There are therefore diapers for different age groups and weight classes, as well as for special requirements.

By the way, to ease the transition from diapering age to becoming dry, learning panties are suitable. They resemble underpants and give the child the feeling that it is no longer wearing a diaper. In the event of a mishap, however, they are equipped with an absorbent core.

Butt Cleaning

It falls on every time the diaper is changed and should be done with scrupulous thoroughness. The reason: the warm, moist diaper climate, stool and urine irritate baby’s bottom and can quickly cause skin redness and sores. Basically, baby’s bottom and the genital area (see body cleansing) must first be freed from dirt, powder or cream residues. It works well with oil, washcloths and warm water or special baby wipes.

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Tip: Moist cleansing wipes are also ideal for traveling and should not be missing from any diaper bag. Once the bottom is spotless, parents can apply a thin layer of wound protection cream before putting on the new diaper. Creams containing zinc are good for soothing irritated skin.

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