The Right Colors For The Nursery

Blue, pink or rather green? Choosing the right color for a child’s room is not an easy decision. Stereotypical colors, such as blue for boys and pink for girls are no longer relevant, especially in today’s world. Of course, one must not forget that children at a younger age also like to change their favorite color – and then the turquoise on the walls is suddenly no longer so great.

So what is the right way to behave? And are there any things that you should definitely keep in mind?

Different Colors – Different Effects

Colors often not only have something to do with personal preferences, but also have different effects on children or their mood.

Yellow tones, for example, are perceived as fresh, friendly and cheerful. They create a good mood and for this reason are well suited for a child’s room, if they are not too obtrusive. In addition, yellow tones promote concentration.

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Red is also a very popular color with children. However, you have to be careful here, because too much red can sometimes even make you aggressive. For this reason, color accents such as pink or pink offer themselves.

Orange tones are ideal for children, as they not only radiate security and coziness, but also warmth. However, you should not overdo it here either, otherwise this can lead to displeasure on the part of the child.

Green stands for harmony, nature and recreation. It has a calming effect and thus has a positive effect on the child. Green tones can also promote concentration and creativity of the child.

Just like green, blue also has a calming effect on children – especially anxious children. Especially for sleeping places, a shade of blue is well suited, as blue can have a soporific effect. It is recommended to combine different shades of blue in order not to make the room look too cool.

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White tones can create a good base, but color should definitely not be missing in a child’s room! Children need the contrasts to learn spatial thinking. In addition, colors stimulate children’s imagination.

It’s The Mixture That Counts

To create the perfect harmony of effects on the child, a colorfully designed children’s room is of course ideal. In order for the child to sleep, play and do homework in the children’s room optimally, there should be a broad color concept. However, this does not mean that you have to design the walls in 10 different colors. Often a colorful decoration also helps. In some apartments it is not even necessary to paint the walls.

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The fact is that in a child’s room it is not primarily a question of whether the colors match, but rather that they are present at all. With many different colors, you also have the opportunity to choose your child’s favorite color every time.

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Do I Have To Paint The Nursery In My Child’s Favorite Color?

As mentioned above, the child’s favorite color can change several times over time. Therefore, it may not be a good idea to directly swing the paintbrush. Especially the color of the walls has a great impact on the mood of children and can affect them differently. However, it is possible to integrate the child’s favorite color in other ways. For example, you can buy decorations in the appropriate color, or adjust the curtains, pillows, etc. accordingly.

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