The Second Half Of Pregnancy

The Sixth Month Of Pregnancy

To prepare for childbirth, the uterus exercises during pregnancy by contracting, making your abdomen quite hard for a short time. When you are not pregnant, the uterus also contracts, but now you clearly feel the muscle contractions. If the baby is moving, you can feel a foot or leg through the abdominal wall.
Your breasts are very sensitive to touch and your body now retains a lot of water, which is why you gain weight on your thighs and upper body. You often have hot flashes.

The baby’s eyes are now opening for the first time and your heart rate is not quite as high. Only very thin skins can be seen between the toes and fingers. In the lungs, the air sacs develop and the intestines form the first stool (meconium). In the skin the sweat glands are formed and the baby already sometimes hiccups or coughs from time to time. The child has a sleeping and waking rhythm.

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The Seventh Month Of Pregnancy

Now begins the time when you go to the doctor every 14 days. It may be that your breasts are already forming the first milk. You become short of breath when you exert an effort and the uterus presses against your diaphragm. The pressure on your legs may eventually cause varicose veins.

The baby’s muscles are now well developed and proportioned. The skin is wrinkled, but the layer of fat underneath, is steadily increasing. The baby already has a strong sense of taste, even stronger than after birth. The brain is developing rapidly and the baby can orient itself in its small living space. The sense of touch is also well developed and the baby reacts to stimuli, such as loud noises, pain or light from outside.

The Eight Month Of Pregnancy

Now begins the time when you can no longer sleep well at night and are hardly rested the next day. Due to the strong pressure on the bladder, you often have to get up at night. Some urine may also go down your pants if you have to laugh, cough or sneeze, for example. If you cross your legs when standing or sitting, this can cause pain at the pelvis.
Your child will move less from now on, but his brain is growing rapidly. The bones, except for the skull bones, have hardened. These must be able to slide over each other as the baby emerges from the birth canal. Now the baby weighs about 1.8 kg and will gain considerable weight in the next few weeks. The amount of amniotic fluid decreases.

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The Ninth Month Of Pregnancy

The baby now moves into “start position”. The head moves down and enters the pelvis. You now have heartburn less often because your upper abdomen is no longer under so much strain. Now your nesting instinct is also powerful. Do not overexert yourself! You are quickly tired because the weight weighs you down and you have trouble sleeping.

Your baby now needs a lot of space and that is why you only have a little amniotic fluid in the uterus, which is now much larger than it was before pregnancy. The baby’s reflexes are getting better and the nervous system is maturing. When the baby is not sleeping, it has its eyes open.

The Tenth Month In Pregnancy – Soon It Will Start!

Everything beautiful that you experienced in the past weeks of pregnancy is now just a nuisance. The belly is now so big that you feel completely restricted in your freedom of movement. Now the check-ups take place weekly and the baby’s condition is checked more frequently. Your weight remains constant or perhaps you have lost about 1 kg in the last two weeks. Until the birth, you should do pelvic floor exercises so that the bladder muscles are trained again somewhat. You should also continue these exercises after the birth.

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The umbilical cord is about as long as the baby itself and the baby has hardly any room left in the uterus, which is why it curls up. Not much can be seen on ultrasound at this stage of pregnancy. The amniotic fluid is now no longer clear, but milky and has decreased by about 1 liter.

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