The Sex Of The Baby – Do You Want To Know Or Not?

“And what will it be?”, this question is hard to escape as a pregnant woman. It is simply a wonderful conversation starter to dive into the world of the expectant mother. The impatience to know the gender develops with the weeks of pregnancy. Also with me.
My boyfriend wants a boy and in my head cinema, I see toy cars, plastic guns and me playing cops and robbers with him.

Or will it be a girl after all?
One that asks me very private things from woman to woman, to whom I have to explain that not all men are like that, with whom I then watch Titanic and drown the sorrows of this world in ice cream. And that’s what it was all about, that’s what I had to prepare for!

From about the 16th week of pregnancy, the sex of the child can be determined by ultrasound. The majority of parents also want to know this, but what do you want?

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Advantages Of Sex Determination Before Birth

For many, there is nothing more exciting than the second major ultrasound examination.
The doctor slowly moves the ultrasound sensor over the pregnant woman’s abdomen: “Here is the face, and there are the arms, and oh yes, here you can see that there is …”

If the unborn child lies favorably, its genitals are clearly visible and the great mystery comes to an end.
You can arrange the room, think of names and immediately tell the news to curious friends and family. After all, everything should be perfect until the baby comes.
One can buy cute, gender-typical baby clothes, so it is an advantage to know whether it will be a girl or a boy. Some women feel even a more intense bond with their unborn child if they can already address him or her by name.
The sex of the baby is a piece of additional information that concretizes the idea of him.

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Reasons Why You Should Wait Until Birth

There are still parents who would like to be surprised whether they are expecting a son or a daughter. After all, it used to be that way. The excitement and curiosity continue until the day of birth, and one thinks of the magic words: “Congratulations, it’s …”

For many women, this is simply an incredibly beautiful thought. After all, a nursery can be kept in neutral colors at first. The doctor’s prognosis is not always correct, and occasionally the wrong sex is determined. For some women, it is difficult when they have been preparing for a daughter for months and suddenly get a son. Although this is very rare, as ultrasound examinations are becoming more and more accurate, parents who have difficulty dealing with this are better off waiting until birth.

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