The Three Greatest Children’s Games For Outside

Soon it’s that time again: The sun comes out and we can do more with our children outdoors

again. Children’s birthday parties are also increasingly taking place in the garden again. Now the question arises: What do the little ones play? Therefore, I have collected a few games for you, which we also found great in our childhood.


“The Plumpsack goes around, don’t turn around…”, who doesn’t know this song from his youth? Plumpsack is especially great for children’s birthday parties

and is always fun.


For the game you need at least 8 players and a small object

. This can be a small ball, but also a ball of paper or a branch is suitable – whatever is available.

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Sequence Of Events:

The players stand in a circle facing the center of the circle. One player is outside the circle and has the Plumpsack

. He starts walking around the outside of the circle while everyone sings the Plumpsack song together

Then he drops the Plumpsack to the ground behind a player of his choice and runs around the circle as fast as he can. The other games also starts running around the circle and the one who reaches the gap created first gets to stop there

. The other player now gets the plumpsack and the game starts all over again.


“The Plumpsack goes around,
don’t turn around.

Who turns around or laughs,
gets the hump blue.”
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Scavenger Hunt

The scavenger hunt is a bit more time-consuming to prepare, but it’s especially great. It is very suitable for birthdays and offers a lot of variety

. However, parents need to make some preparations for this.

The Preparation

We love scavenger hunts and like to be out and about in the forest (of course, our little ones always stay in a group and are accompanied by adults). Therefore, I usually go a day before the route and leave small clues at crossroads

. Especially practical and durable in the rain are Ü-eggs. In the yellow egg fits wonderfully a small note with a hint on it

At the end of the trail, our children have to find the treasure, which is hidden a little more difficult. Various things can be hidden as treasure. Sweets are a great treasure, but also funny little toys or utensils for a common game

can be a great treasure

Also suitable as clues are small scraps of cloth that you can tie up or even chalk arrows

when you are on sidewalks

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Make sure that the route is not too long, so that the children do not get bored and rather plan a few games or even a picnic at the end.

Picknick mit Kindern
Picnic with children

Sack Race

Sack hopping is a super simple game that is suitable for kindergarteners and still fun for many years to come. Each child gets a jute s ack or something similar.

Bouncing sacks made of jute can be bought quite cheaply on the Internet. But there are also special sacks that have been specially developed for sack hopping

Everyone lines up next to each other and on your signal they all start hopping. Whoever reaches the finish line first

is the winner.

My tip:

A combination of sack hopping and catching is especially fun – but the children should be a bit older for this.

Have fun playing!

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