Mood Swings And Weight Gain During Pregnancy

Mood Swings During Pregnancy

During pregnancy, women are sometimes as happy as can be and then as sad as can be. The emotions just go crazy. You worry about how to reconcile pregnancy and career, and how things will go in your partnership. Some women also experience depression during pregnancy. Mood swings are completely normal during pregnancy due to hormonal changes. Talk a lot with your partner. Many women also worry that something may be wrong with your baby and that complications may arise. In such cases, you can have special tests done or ask your doctor for advice. From the 16th week of pregnancy, the baby starts to move. The movements are not quite clear yet, but eventually you will be able to tell the difference between abdominal grumbling and baby movement. It may also take until the 20th week of pregnancy before you feel the first movements of the baby.

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Our Friend The Scale – Weight Gain During Pregnancy

Of course, most women are not very enthusiastic about weight gain during pregnancy. They worry about not being attractive anymore. But weight gain during pregnancy is completely normal and also necessary. Get rid of negative thoughts and admire your increasingly plump body with pride. Treat yourself to some relaxation at a wellness farm or get a new haircut. This will do something for your ego and give you more self-confidence. Making new acquaintances during pregnancy is not always easy. Because often the conversations then revolve only around your pregnancy, other experiences and it is also asked very personal questions that you may not even want to answer. Secret fears and thoughts often emerge in dreams and are thus processed. Especially during pregnancy you dream that the baby will have a disability, the baby will be born but you have not prepared anything yet, the birth begins but the baby is stuck in the belly. Such dreams have many expectant mothers, but do not worry – everything will be fine. After all, the situation is simply new for you and you need to get used to being a mother. From about the 32nd week of pregnancy, the relationship between you and the baby will grow. Of course, this relationship has existed from the beginning, but now it is especially important that you devote a lot of time to the baby. Relaxation techniques can be performed especially well if you sit or lie down in a well-tempered room with soft music playing. While doing this, sit down and let your shoulders sink slowly as you exhale. While lying down, try to lie on your left side with a large pillow under your right leg. The leg underneath should be extended and the other bent. Imagine the baby in your belly. In the final spurt, around the 36th week of pregnancy, many women get nervous. It’s getting down to the wire. Try to distract yourself and plan a few ventures that will be more difficult after the birth. Furthermore, you should take care of your partnership and have sex – this also helps against the mood swings. Together with your partner, think about how you want to raise your child and what your life with the child should look like.

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