Theraline Moon Nursing Pillow

Product Description Theraline Moon Nursing Pillow

The Theraline moon nursing pillow is just like the original Theraline nursing pillow filled with the well-known microbeads.

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These microbeads are sand-fine beads, which allow the exact adjustment of the breastfeeding pillow. Who wants to use this pillow in addition to breastfeeding also for sleeping or resting, which is always right with this stable support. Also thanks to the semicircular moon shape.

The filling in the Theraline Moon Nursing Pillow is anti-allergenic, odorless, and free of harmful substances. Another advantage of this filling is that you can also wash it. For the Theraline Moon Nursing Pillow, there is a cover made of cuddly soft terry plush. Furthermore, the flexible stretch fabric makes the pillow even more cuddly and comfortable.

This positioning pillow is also a perfect choice as a breastfeeding pillow on the go. It is smaller in size than the original Theraline nursing pillow and can therefore be conveniently taken anywhere.

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Product Details

  • The breastfeeding pillow from Theraline is in the shape of a moon.

  • The pillow is filled with the original microbeads.

  • The filling is anti-allergenic, free of harmful substances, odorless and washable up to 40 C.

  • The microbeads are low-noise and very adaptable.

  • The cover is made of soft terry plush and a flexible stretch fabric.

  • The Theraline Moon Nursing Pillow is perfect suitable for sleeping and also as a breastfeeding pillow for on the go.
  • Size: approx. 140 cm x 27 cm.

  • Approx. 17 liters filling capacity.

Customer Reviews


Theraline’s nursing pillow gets a very good score from customers, with an average of 4.7 stars out of a total of 5. Nearly 75% of all reviews submitted gave it a perfect 5-star rating. This is a very positive rating for the small nursing pillow compared to the larger original Theraline nursing pillow. Many customers especially praise that the positioning pillow is not as big and long as a conventional nursing pillow. So it is more handy and is also really good on the go. Many customers use the pillow for breastfeeding or feeding or even for laying the baby down. In some cases, you can also read that it is also comfortable for sleeping or sitting.

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Unfortunately, some customers state that the pillow for breastfeeding gets a bit limp after prolonged use and the microbeads need to be refilled. Without refilling, it no longer provides enough support for the baby. One review states that the pillow loses the microbeads, which are then also found on the baby’s face. However, this negative review has only been submitted once and it is possible that there was a hole in this pillow. Partly it can also be read that the zipper in the yellow fabric was immediately broken.

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The Theraline moon nursing pillow receives many very good reviews. Many customers have chosen this model because it is smaller and therefore more handy than conventional storage pillows. It is thus perceived as very practical and customers are fully satisfied with it Some customers have experienced problems with the microbead filling. In individual cases, some of the beads came out of the pillow. This may possibly be a production defect. In such cases, however, the manufacturer will gladly exchange the nursing pillow. Before buying, you should also know that the yellow fabric is not a cover and can not be removed So if the pillow is dirty, you have to wash the whole pillow. However, you can order extra covers to the nursing pillow, which you can then wash separately Otherwise, the Theraline Moon Nursing Pillow seems to be ideal for breastfeeding and also for sleeping, especially for people who plan to travel with it.

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