There Are More And More Rich People In The World

A study last April this year has now shown that there are more and more rich people in the world who have more and more money.

Many People Live In Great Poverty

There are in the world many people who are poor and there are many people who are rich. But a study has now also shown that there are very many super-rich people. The result is almost unbelievable. If you take the 62 super-richest people in the world, they have more money than 3.6 billion poor people put together. To put it even more clearly, these are about half of all the people who live in the world at all. Imagine that.

Rich People Are Getting Richer

If you take these super-rich people, you find that they are getting richer and richer. Other people, on the other hand, who are poor, are getting poorer and poorer. But why is that? Politics is often to blame for this. For example, the Super rich pay little in taxes compared to the money they take in. But they also have many tricks with which they can save taxes. For example, they live in countries where you have to pay less tax. An example for you. Many famous and successful athletes, like Formula 1 drivers or tennis players from all over the world live in Monaco because they have to pay very low taxes there. In their home country, for example in Germany, they pay no taxes. And exactly this money is then missing to help poor people in the country. Do you also think that this is very unfair?

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Explanation Of The Difficult Words

The Super Rich include people who own more than $100 million. The richest person in the world is Bill Gates, the inventor of Microsoft. He has a fortune in the amount of 76.7 billion dollars.

Monaco is a principality and a southern European city-state. It is the second smallest state on Earth after Vatican City. The sophisticated and extremely densely populated state is located on the French Mediterranean coast near the border with Italy. Today, Monaco is primarily sought after as a residence by the world’s rich, as the city-state levies neither income tax nor inheritance tax.

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