Are There Signs Of Miscarriage?

A miscarriage is when a woman loses her baby in the first six months of her pregnancy. If an abortion occurs in the first 12 weeks, it is called an early miscarriage. There is no exact number, but many women have a miscarriage. About 15% of all pregnancies terminate early.

However, most women do not know they are pregnant and do not notice the signs of miscarriage. This is because a majority of early miscarriages happen shortly after fertilization or at implantation. Thus, the fertilized egg is usually flushed out and considered a premature period. Most cases take place in the first three months. Later cases happen to only one in a hundred women.

The Reasons For Miscarriage

It is not always due to the risk of the woman herself. Even women who are in good health can be affected. In most cases, after the miscarriage, it is possible to determine the reason, but rarely can anything be done about it beforehand. Especially if there is an early miscarriage. Women who smoke during their pregnancy, drink more than four cups of coffee a day or drink alcohol during pregnancy have an increased risk of miscarriage.

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This is also true for women who have already suffered several miscarriages or have a disorder in the uterus. Infections or even rubella and chlamydia can contribute to miscarriage. Age can also play a role. For example, women 30 and older are even more likely to have an early miscarriage than women younger than that. Women who wish to have a child should have their health checked by their family doctor and gynecologist before the planned pregnancy in order to determine possible health disorders. Infections can be treated quickly and without much effort even before pregnancy.

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The Signs

Since the reasons for miscarriage are very diverse and something can go wrong shortly after fertilization or implantation, a very clear sign of miscarriage is regular cramps that occur with bleeding. Clots of tissue are expelled during this process. However, most women think that the bleeding is their menstruation and therefore do not realize that they are having a miscarriage.

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If the woman knows she is pregnant, the miscarriage may also not be detected until she has a checkup. In this case, the miscarriage may even have occurred without any major signs. Women who notice spotting or get very severe cramps during pregnancy should always consult their doctor. These symptoms are not unusual, but here it may be better to act once too often than once too late. A miscarriage that is in progress cannot be stopped. But a woman can reduce the risk.

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Keep The Risk Of Miscarriage Low

Smoking, alcohol, and medication, even natural-based, are taboo during pregnancy. It is important that if you want to have a child, you adjust to the new situation and give your body what it needs for pregnancy. Rest, inner relaxation, and a healthy diet. Movement is also good during pregnancy, it is just important not to overexert yourself. Also, avoid toxic substances, for example, if you come into contact with them at work, you should talk to your employer.

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You can reduce the risk, but not contain it completely. Women who suffer a lot from the consequences of a miscarriage can find support from a midwife. Every woman is entitled to this help, and it does not matter when she suffered a miscarriage. It also helps many women to talk to other women who have experienced the same thing.

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