These 7 Tips You Should Consider When Buying A Baby Monitor

Before you pull out the credit card and buy a baby monitor, you should compare your favorites at your leisure. We’ll tell you what’s important and what you should look out for in a baby store or web store.

Transmission And Range

How far can the baby monitor transmit?

More is not necessarily better: the greater the distance, the higher the power with which the transmitter emits. This simultaneously increases the electromagnetic radiation!


The device should be stable, the housing must be able to withstand a small fall without immediately disintegrating into its individual parts. The plugs should be properly processed and fit easily into the intended sockets.

Despite all the technology, the baby monitor should also look good.

Operating Times

An important criterion: How long does the battery provide sufficient power? Standby mode also counts! After all, the baby monitor should not be connected to the power supply every four hours.

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Cleaning And Decluttering Challenge

Speaking of power outlets, check whether the transmitter and receiver are equipped with their own power supply. A battery status display is also useful.


Is the baby monitor easy to use or do you need the manual to switch it on? Less is sometimes more. The baby monitor should offer different transmission channels so that several devices, e.g. in an apartment building, do not interfere with each other – or transmit the “wrong” baby.

It’s also important to have an additional optical LED indicator to let you know if something is stirring in the crib. It is also useful if you can adjust the sensitivity of the baby monitor.

Radiation Values

Radio and DECT devices generate electromagnetic radiation.

Make sure that the baby monitor complies with the limits of the internationally recognized TCO-03 directive: You can recognize this by the TCO-03 logo, for example.

Many devices minimize radiation independently: They only start transmitting when the baby makes noises.

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Technical Extras

An optical display draws attention to the baby even during a loud conversation. Some devices score points with a video function including an infrared camera for recording at night.

Many models also offer a talk-back function. Baby monitors with a soothing night light and sound function (melodies or noises) for gently falling asleep are also interesting.

Most manufacturers also offer extensive accessories for their baby monitors: For example, sensor mats for monitoring breathing … Here you decide entirely according to your personal ideas, but:


According to a comparison by Stiftung Warentest, expensive is not always synonymous with good quality. It is best to first choose the features you expect from your baby monitor.

Please note: Technical features such as a video function or alternative operating modes, e.g. via the telephone socket, increase the price of the device.

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