Things A Primary School Child Should Be Able To Do

Tying Shoes, Describing A Picture, Distinguishing The Four Seasons – these are just three examples of what an elementary school child should be able to do. You can find out what else they should be able to learn here.


Your child should already be able to express himself to some extent. For example, he should be able to name the members of his family and his own age.
An elementary school child should also be able to say “no,” endure defeat in a game, and interact with others. Above all, it is important that he or she reaches out to others, but also shows consideration.

Motor Skills

Your child should be able to trace different patterns, build a sandcastle, and recognize objects by details.
He should also be able to do skills such as swimming, balancing, and riding a bike. It should also be able to name directions, brush teeth and not only throw a ball, but also catch it.

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Linguistic Skills

Language skills include, above all, that your child, can express his wishes and needs.
It should respond to questions, name everyday things and describe situations. In addition, it should be able to repeat a tongue twister, form generic terms for things and make up stories.

Numbers And Quantities

Your elementary school child should be able to count to at least 6.
Relationships, such as “more”, or “less”, should also be recognized.

How Parents Can Support Your Child

Don’t take work away from your children that they can do themselves. In this way, you support his or her independence. Furthermore, it is important that you show interest. Listen actively to your child and let him explain things to you.
In addition, always pay attention to your child’s own expression
– — After all, you are an important role model.

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