How To Find The Perfect Children’s Book

Children’s books can accompany your children through their childhood. Laying the foundation for this is not difficult. It’s best to start as early as possible. There is an overwhelming selection of books for every age and taste.

Children’s Books From 1

Children’s books are available from the age of 1. These are mostly books made of solid cardboard or a washable material – just the right thing for this age. Children’s books from 1 have large and colorful illustrations, often with only one illustration per page.

Children’s Books From 2

At this age, children understand a little more about their environment. Now you can already read short stories to them. Children’s books from 2 are still very strained and should be made of sturdy cardboard. Suitable are also books for on the go, which can be attached to the stroller.

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Children’s Books From 3

Your child is now a great explorer. Hidden object books are often children’s books from 3. While searching, the concentration is promoted. So you see, a book does not necessarily have to be read aloud. Children’s books from 3 on wards can also provide stimuli for talking.

Children’s Books From 4

Children at this age often already have clear interests. Children’s books from 4 are often non-fiction. Children really soak up knowledge at this age. Children’ s books from 4 are also something for you. Bet that you learn something new?

Children’s Books From 5

Children’s books from 5 on are often stories from life. Now the children learn to put themselves in the shoes of others. Stories that deal with feelings can now be well understood by your child.

Children’s Books From 6

The selection of books for this age is very large. Most of the time, the children themselves decide what is read aloud. For children’ s books from 6 on, it is best to take your child to a bookstore.

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Children’s Books From 7

At this age, some children can already read their first words and sentences themselves. Children’ s books from 7 are often books for the first reading age.
It is also a good idea to put a book in the school bag for the start of school.

The Best Children’s Books

Since there is a large selection overall, the bestseller list is a good source. Here you can find the best books. You can also rely on the experiences of other parents.

Children’s Books Classics

Often it is also worthwhile to remember your favorite books. Which book was read to you in the past? The classics from back then are still there today.

Personalized Children’s Books

Personalized children’s books are particularly suitable as gifts. These are adapted to the appearance, age and gender of the child. Of course, the name of your child is also incorporated.

So you see, at every age there is something to discover. Books can accompany your child from the first spoken word to the first read word. They let your child experience adventures or teach it to deal with feelings. A highlight for kids, however, are personalized children’s books.

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